VIDEO Jeremy Calvert calls out MTV editing, promises scene-by-scene reactions this season

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Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert has never been a big fan of MTV or Teen Mom 2, and after seeing a recent clip from the new season, he has taken to Instagram with a video calling the network out for its editing and promising his reaction for each upcoming scene “with what really happened.”

“…This season of Teen Mom 2 where sh!t’s not edited and portrayed correctly as it took place in real time,” Jeremy says in the video. “Now that this clip has come to my attention, you’re going to hear my own statement and my own side of sh!t as how it’s not edited correctly. So stay tuned.”

Here is Jeremy’s caption for the video:

Large media corporations have a tendency to socially engineer viewers to instill an emotion on viewers which is most lucrative for their stakeholders, holding no regard for the impact they can have on my life, and the life of my family. As a repercussion for deceitful editing, I will address each scene with what really happened. I appreciate all of your support over the years.

Here is Jeremy’s caption in photo form:

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As far as what video clip Jeremy is upset about, I am guessing it is the scene in which Leah talks about Jeremy leaving the state for an extended period of time for his work. Leah complains that he will only be seeing their daughter Addy for one weekend over the course of four weeks (or something like that). I suppose we will know more soon.

UPDATE – Jeremy has since spoken with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup and revealed that the clip in question was one in which he told Leah about his engagement to Brooke. Jeremy says that producers insisted he tell Leah on camera, and after repeatedly trying to avoid it, Jeremy finally gave in and told her with cameras rolling. He then turned to the crew and said something along the lines of “See? It wasn’t that big of a deal for you to make me tell her on camera. You didn’t even get any good footage of [Leah freaking about it].” But Jeremy says “they edited it to look like I said that my engagement is not a big deal.” He adds that the editing has Brooke upset and, of course, makes him look bad.

As for his Instagram clip, Jeremy says “I posted that on Instagram because that scene was not portrayed right. They purposely edited it to cause drama that didn’t happen…They don’t want to show the truth, especially when it comes to the guys on the show. There’s enough drama, they don’t have to make more. They’re afraid of p!ssing the girls off, I guess.” He later adds that he hopes the other dads on the show stand up for themselves as well. “Me and all the guys [on the show] are just tired of always looking bad,” Jeremy says. “Don’t get me wrong, a lot of those guys do stupid stuff, but I’m tired of everything I do or say gets twisted.”

UPDATE – Jeremy mentions that Brooke was upset over the scene, but it appears as though she might have been REALLY upset because both have since indicated on social media that they have broken up!

Pretty much every cast member of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG have complained about MTV editing at one point or another, but as commenters inevitably point out, it’s their choice to remain on the show, so they can’t really complain.

I think that Jeremy is a little different, however, and I truly believe that he intends to follow through on his previous promise(s) to quit the show. I also believe that he is currently stuck because of MTV’s practice of breaking up seasons into two parts instead of just calling it a new season. For example, we are currently watching Season 7b, which means the cast is still under the same contract they signed for Season 7a, which aired last year. (I assume the contracts are flexible enough — in MTV’s favor of course — to allow for multiple Reunion shows, etc. for “one” season.)

Anyways, I’m don’t imagine we will not be seeing Jeremy (or Addy potentially) in Season 8a, 8b, 8c, 9q, etc. He has a very good job, and I really cannot imagine what he has to deal with every time he goes online or visits a local restaurant!

All of that being said, Jeremy is squeezing a little bit of lemonade out of MTV’s lemons in the form of a clothing line with his fiance Brooke Wehr called CalvertWehr. They still haven’t launched, but you can keep checking for updates. (No word if they will be offering fluorescent yellow tiger stripe jogging pants.)

Meanwhile, while we all anxiously await Jeremy’s scene-by-scene commentary (I know I cannot wait!) let’s all check out this great video of him celebrating his 28th birthday with the help of his daughter Addy:

My baby girl helping me blow out my candles…. #daddiesgirl

A video posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

Brand new heavily edited episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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