CPS removes Jenelle’s son Kaiser from The Land while David Eason investigation continues

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The fallout from David Eason beating, shooting and killing his wife Jenelle Eason’s French bulldog continues. According to a reliable new report, CPS has taken Jenelle and Nathan Griffith’s son Kaiser from The Land and will not allow him to return until they “get things sorted out.”

The report comes from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, whose sources have been on the nose throughout all the developments over the past two weeks. “CPS authorized a family member to get Kaiser from his daycare on Friday,” The Ashley’s source says. “Kaiser will likely be staying away from The Land until CPS can get things sorted out,” the source added. “A judge will be given the case today to sign off on, at least for the foreseeable future.”

There not a lot of specific details about exactly what happened, including which family member picked Kaiser up from daycare. Most are speculating that it is Nathan Griffith’s mother Doris, but it’s just that at this point: speculation. Nathan looks to currently be in Florida, but it is assumed he has plans to return to North Carolina later this month for his scheduled court appearance on May 30 in regards to custody of Kaiser.

The Ashley says that the decision was made by CPS after they were contacted by the detective investigating the dog shooting. Judging from numerous reactions on social media from those who work for CPS, this doesn’t sound like how the process normally goes. Of course, this is a VERY unique situation where an obviously traumatic event occurred, and CPS has been unable to make contact with the children because they are afraid to step foot on the property.

Speaking of the children (plural), it’s unclear if CPS plans to also talk with David’s daughter Maryssa or observe his and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley.

The Ashley reports that Kaiser has not been on The Land since Friday, but Jenelle’s posts on social media didn’t seem to suggest anything major was happening. She did post photos of Kaiser and his sister Ensley together and captioned them by writing: “Inseparable ? #BrotherAndSister” On Sunday, Jenelle shared a Facebook memory from three years ago featuring a photo of her holding Kaiser and the message: “I would walk across Legos for you. ??” When Jenelle reshared it, she added a string of hearts for a caption.

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Inseparable ? #BrotherAndSister

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UPDATE – TMZ has since confirmed The Ashley’s report, and they add that Kaiser “is currently staying with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Nathan’s mom.” TMZ didn’t credit The Ashley, so I won’t include a link in solidarity. (The TMZ article doesn’t have any additional info other than that.)

UPDATE – Someone asked The Ashley about TMZ’s claim about who Kaiser is with, and she responded by clarifying: “He is not with Doris.”

Jenelle did react to The Ashley’s article on Instagram, however. In a very bizarre and confusing story entry, Jenelle posted a screen cap of The Ashley’s article and wrote over top of it: “Keep writing lies!!! This wasn’t exclusive!”

Here’s a screen cap:

Jenelle Eason The Ashley Instagram post about lies and exclusive

Jenelle’s post could be interpreted to mean that The Ashley’s claims in the story are lies, or that her calling the story “exclusive” is a lie.

Normally, debunking someone’s “exclusive” story is pretty easy — just provide a link to someone else who published the same story first. It’s a logical guess to assume that Jenelle has negotiated with another site to sell her side of what happened, and in her mind that means that The Ashley’s story wasn’t “exclusive.” It’s just a very strange flex given the situation.

UPDATE – Jenelle has since shared another Instagram post in which she claims that it wasn’t her before. “The last post that was made about The Ashley article was not posted by me on my Instagram,” she shared in a text graphic image. “This is why it has been deleted from my feed and story. – Jenelle Eason.”

Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith hasn’t given any clue about what’s going on either. He did respond to a @tmmamadrama Instagram post over the weekend, though. The account reposted Jenelle’s photo of Kaiser and Ensley together, in which Kaiser’s cheek is bright red. “What happened to Kaiser’s cheek? ?” was the caption.

“Holy hell! He got sunburn,” Nathan replied. “I will say something… NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Get off social media!”

Kaiser’s big brother Jace was also not on The Land this weekend, and Barbara Evans reportedly intends to keep it that way — at least if David Eason is around. As we recently reported, she is refusing to allow Jace near David and is currently speaking with her attorney to try to get something official in place to deny contact between the two.

There is nothing not horrible about this entire situation.

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