90 DAY FIANCE Noon’s husband Kyle responds to Beau’Thai’Ful Cosmetics rant calling Americans sheep, etc.

90 Day Fiance Kyle and Noon Huck

As we previously reported, the Instagram account for a cosmetics company reportedly run by 90 Day Fiance star Bajaree “Noon” Boonma had a bitter meltdown in which they lashed out at Americans and millennials. Beau’Thai’Ful announced they would not be offering their products in the U.S. any longer, and also claimed to be trying to figure out a way to block sales to millennials altogether.

After we shared a post on Instagram promoting our article, Noon’s husband Kyle responded in the comments section in order to clarify some things. First off, despite the company promoting Noon as their “CEO,” Kyle says that was just for show. “Noon was merely an influencer who was supposed to play the part of ‘CEO’ at Beau’Thai’Ful in exchange for a commission on product sold,” he says. “The owner (in entirety) is named Martin Musket and when his business in cosmetics didn’t do well due to his lack of wanting to pay for advertising, he went on a crazy rant online.”

Kyle wants to assure everyone that Noon did not make the posts on the company’s Instagram account. “Noon never had any access to the social media and never got paid any commission either,” he says. “Look at the text written by Beau’Thai’Ful, do you really think Noon’s grammar could write it?” he asks.

He also says that Noon’s partnership with the company has been over for some time. “Noon hasn’t been involved with this company in awhile,” Kyle says.

Kyle mentions in his comments to us that he previously addressed the topic on reddit, and I tracked down the post in question. It’s titled “Noon’s company banning millennial customers” and includes screen caps of the Instagram posts making disparaging remarks about Americans and millennials. Here is Kyle’s initial response, which includes alleged text messages between Noon and the real CEO of Beau’Thai’Ful cosmetics:

Hey guys, Kyle here. Noon was merely a figurehead/influencer of “beauthaiful” that the owner wanted to portray her as the CEO. She has no say over any activity or post associated with the company and has dropped association months ago. The real owner is named Chris and he is p*ssed that the brand didn’t take off due to not paying advertisers, which is obvious he should have, as all successful companies do. Noon has nothing to do with this and it should be pretty clear by reading the post this isn’t on point with her English skill set.

Wish there was a way I could post screenshots of their conversation in this thread! Noon was supposed to receive a commission for helping get sales but through her efforts she didn’t actually receive even a shiny nickle in commission. She only got a handful of free cosmetics to try to make sure she liked them and that’s it.

In an earlier thread on reddit about this company it was immediately discovered that the company has been owned for years by a Martin “Chris” M. in Cornelius, NC. We live in Portland and anyone who has ever received a product would notice it came from NC, not OR. The owner is p*ssed he threw 50k down the drain trying to own a cosmetics company and wanted to have one last public freak out which he didn’t realize made it look like it was from Noon.

Noon immediately contacted him and told him that it makes her look bad but he didn’t care. I have proof in the screenshots. Also I was fully against this dumb*ss promotion because the owner wanted Noon to be a figurehead instead of just an influencer, and also because Noon isn’t known for ever wearing cosmetics on the show. This has wasted hours of Noon’s time, and now some of mine since I’m not as nice as Noon and I’m not afraid to throw the guy under the bus for his bullsh*t posts.

Noon works at a cat hotel, she doesn’t own a make up company.

Kyle later added that he figured out how to post the screen caps. Here they are:

90 Day Fiance Noon cosmetics company Beau'Thai'Ful texts

90 Day Fiance star Noon text messages with Beau'Thai'Ful cosmetics CEO

Noon also posted on the reddit thread in response to the original poster, who says this all started when she went to the Beau’Thai’Ful Instagram page because she wanted to buy some cosmetics for her sister. The OP also shared a text conversation she had with Noon about the Instagram posts, but Noon points out that she didn’t share the entire conversation. (That conversation wasn’t all that interesting, so I did not include it here.)

Here is Noon’s post:

I don’t want drama but I don’t know why you spent a lot of time to try to made me looks bad. I know you are a fan of the show and you maybe or maybe not trying to find a makeup for your sister just be honest if I was you and I just wanted to buy a makeup and saw the post on company’s IG like that I will just leave that IG and go find other cosmetics because I just want to buy makeup for my sister but maybe not you because you spent time wrote many comments and tagged me on the comment and sent me messages and make this post on Reddit. My husband didn’t say you are a liar but you didn’t show the whole messages of my answer to you, it could makes people think I don’t care and I am a bad person but that’s not true I cared and I felt very bad when I saw the post because it wasn’t me who wrote it and I didn’t agree with that at all.

I know I made a mistake by join this company because I just want to help Thai products and I used the products myself and I just know that to be nice to someone it doesn’t means they will be nice to me forever I helped the wrong person. My husband helped me because he cared about me and his English is better than me and he knows what’s going on with me and the company this is answer why is he here. I’m sorry that I have to comment for explain and girl! I am done with you too you are not my fan anyway.

What a mess!

I’ve always been a big fan of Noon and Kyle’s, so I’m glad they have officially parted ways from Beau’Thai’Ful. I hope their experience will encourage other “influencers” who are approached with similar deals to be more cautious before signing on.

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