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EVIL LIVES HERE Serial killer Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter hates that she still loves him

Robert Eugene Brashers’ daughter Deborah Brashers thinks her father was an “evil” man for killing and raping multiple people, but still has love for him because of how he treated her as a father. Because of these conflicting feelings, Deborah suffers from intense guilt over who she thought her father was as a child, and who she came to find out he was.



For 30 years the killer of bodies found in barrels near Bear Brook State Park, the largest state park in New Hampshire, eluded detectives. He went by many names and pulled his victims in close before he betrayed them in the ultimate way. Investigation Discovery show The Chameleon Killer examines the many names of the man who committed horrible crimes and evaded paying for them for decades. Oddly enough, his victims’ families weren’t searching for them.

SNAPPED Why Katrina Ben shot her lover Eric Somuah

In 2012, 34-year-old successful car salesman Eric Somuah was found shot dead in his upscale Silver Spring, Maryland apartment. When police started investigating who could have brutally murdered Eric in cold blood they found that he had a reputation as a ladies’ man. It turns out he was murdered by a jilted lover who could not stand that he had other women in his life.