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Pretty Wild’s Alexis Neiers gives birth to baby girl

Alexis Neiers and her husband Evan Haines have just become parents! Alexis, who is known for both her role in the string of “Bling Ring” Hollywood robberies (which has been made into a feature film) as well as her E! reality show Pretty Wild, gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday, April 24, and she and her hubby couldn’t be happier.

Pretty Wild’s Alexis Neiers is now married and pregnant

If you’re like us then I’m sure you often find yourself lying awake at night, unable to sleep because you can’t stop wondering, whatever happened to Alexis Neiers from Pretty Wild and the infamous Hollywood Bling Ring? In our latest installment of celebrity (sort of) “Where Are They Now?” we track down the troubled former E! reality star and update you on what she’s been up to, hopefully enabling us all to finally get a good night’s rest.

Alexis Neiers mug shot photos wearing a ‘Free Bird’ shirt after black tar heroin arrest

Pretty Wild! star Alexis Neiers was arrested earlier today for possession of black tar heroin when police officers were making a routine parole check at her home. Proving once again that she is the schlemiel and schlemazlest celebrity this side of Angelina Pivarnick, the 19-year-old happened to be wearing a “Free Bird” shirt at the time she was arrested and booked!

MUGSHOT VIDEO Does guilty Bling Ringer Alexis Neiers think jail will give her street cred?

Guilty Bling Ringer Alexis Neiers from E’s Pretty Wild was out and about in L.A .on June 10th when X17 caught up with her and asked a few questions about her upcoming 6 month jail sentence.  It is too bad that her foxy pseudo-sister Tess Taylor was on hand instead of a more “adult” influence.