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Tess Taylor Playboy photo

E!’s latest “three hot sisters” reality show is set to premiere tonight as Playboy model mom Andrea Arlington (45) tries to keep the reigns on her three fun-loving, sexy daughters Tess Taylor Arlington (19), Alexis Neiers Arlington (18) and Gabrielle Neiers Arlington (16). (Technically Tess isn’t actually related to Alexis and Gabrielle by blood, but was unofficially “adopted” by Andrea Arlington and step-father Jerry Dunn.)

Heading into the show Tess was supposed to be the over-the-top trouble-making center of attention, but as you probably know, younger sister Alexis has stolen that title by getting arrested as part of the infamous Burglar Bunch during recording. (You can find out all about Alexis and her arrest with photos and a video HERE.) So far the only link between Tess and the Burglar Bunch Bling Ring is this photo which Rachel Bilson claims shows Tess wearing her stolen vest.

Although it may turn out Tess was involved in some of the robberies, let’s not forget all the racy elements of Tess’s reality show resume that gave her such a large lead heading out of the gate! Tess followed in her mother’s barefootsteps and showed off everything her momma gave her as the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week in July of 2009 and Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in November of 2009. Here is another safe for work sample:

Tess Taylor Arlington Playboy

Here’s some specs on Tess from her Model Mayhem profile:

Tess Taylor and sister Alexis Neiers from the Burglar BunchHeight: 5′ 6″
Weight: 110 lbs
Shoe size: 7
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Olive
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Paid Assignments Only

The photo on the right is from a lingerie photoshoot for Issa Lingerie starring Tess and her sister Alexis! (Below is another photo from the shoot – you can watch the video on Youtube)

Here’s “10 Facts You Should Know About Tess” from the E! Pretty Wild website:

1. Gandhi is my inspiration. I love his passion for change.
2. My biggest fear is alligators.
3. I absolutely love pickles and anything with salt and vinegar!
4. I’ve never exactly saved anyone’s life—but when Alexis got bit on the vag by a spider, I carried her over my shoulder into the ER!
5. My absolute favorite place to be is inside the ballet studio.
6. I’m secretly in love with Brandon Boyd of Incubus.
7. think men are fun, stupid, sexy drama-bringers!
8. My first kiss was in the sixth grade. We were in a Barnes & Noble elevator. He reached over to kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. I ran out and straight to the bathroom to wash out my mouth!
9. My most embarrassing moment was when I pooped in my leotard and tights in ballet testing. I was so nervous!
10. If I were an animal, I’d be a monkey because I am really good at using my feet—and they’re supercute!

Alexis Neiers Arlington (L) and sister Tess Taylor lingerie photo
Alexis Neiers Arlington (L) and sister Tess Taylor pose for Issa Lingerie (Youtube)

And last is a blurb about Tess Taylor Arlington written by Tess Taylor Arlington from her Model Mayhem profile:

Hey RaWk sTarZz!!! My name is Tess Taylor! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my page! I feel like whatever I write in these things just won’t serve me justice. I thankfully reside in the beautiful Los Angeles area. I live to create art. Modeling is a strong passion of mine & I stand strong. I have been dancing for 17 years. I am a semi professional ballerina. I am now teaching dance, pilates and poledancing. I am very outgoing & it is rare to catch me without a smile on my face! I have been blessed to been trained by some of the most talented people in the industry. I am always looking to meet new people. So dont be shy! please message me!



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