Where Are They Now? The pretty and wild girls of Pretty Wild

The Girls of Pretty Wild

It seems like a decade ago when E unleashed the reality show everyone loved to hate Pretty Wild on to the TV landscape.  The show followed the lives of a “family” of girls working the Hollywood scene and featured (from L to R above) Alexis Neiers, Andrea Arlington and Tess Taylor.  The show had only one explosive season and then disappeared without any word from the network about a possible second season or cancellation confirmation.

The show’s star was the vamped up and super sexy Taylor, a former playmate who seemingly had it going on at all times during the taping of Pretty Wild.  Her stardom was quickly and dubiously overshadowed by that of Neiers who became involved in the infamous Bling Ring who robbed Orlando Bloom’s house among other unlawful acts.  Neiers served jail time for her involvement and ended up coincidentally being a cellmate of Lindsay Lohan.

The mom of this outfit, Andrea Arlington, was, just like Taylor, a former Playmate who didn’t seem to be able to do much about the girl’s partying ways.

There was speculation that E’s crews were still filming these ladies during Alexis’ arrest and incarceration followed by rehab which we here at Starcasm thought would have made for some interesting and compelling TV to say the least.  Why the show never continued we may never know, but I did a little checking and was able to find out what the girls are up to these days following their brief but very prominent brush with fame.

Tess Taylor: According to a report filed by TMZ on February 18 the stunning brunette had checked into rehab at the behest of her friends and family and promptly checked herself out 30 days later claiming to be clean and sober from a serious opiate addiction.  Later reports indicated that she was continuing with outpatient treatment for her addictions.  The best I can tell from her Twitter account, Tess is making a living with her God-given good looks.  The tag for her Twitter account says:

“ii model, act, dance, and smiile a lot!”

Tess Taylor models a bikini for Susan Holmes

Alexis Neiers: You could actually have yourself a pretty good made for TV movie based on the last two years of this young woman’s life.  According to an exclusive post by E on February 18 the troubled star who had completed 90 days of her own rehab had decided to go after a degree in counseling.  She wants to make a career out of the whole rehab thing apparently.  On that note, she is still serving out a year long sentence of residential treatment after being busted for black tar heroin possession while still being on probation for the Bling Ring sitch.  They call that Hollywood justice friends.

Her Twitter tag says:

“Im a gypsy living in a sick, twisted castle. Love Life/Pretty Wild on E!”

Not only does she still name drop Pretty Wild but she has left a link up to the show’s website from E, which is still active.

UPDATE 2012: Alexis married Evan Haines, a Canadian business owner she met in rehab, April 2012 in Mexico.

Alexis Neiers Free Bird mug shot after her arrest for black tar heroin possession

Andrea Arlington:

The mom in charge of the two previously mentioned young rehab requiring ladies has launched a website called Andrea’s “And So It Is” in which she indicates her passion is:

Educating people on how great they can feel and look, at any age, using simple exercises such as meridian tapping and self-applied acupressure for anxiety, or depression, PTS, holistic weight-loss, other common ailments, beauty, longevity.To accomplish these goals and fulfill my passion to help others through alternative medicine, I use many different Holistic healthcare products such as the Chi Machine, E power, Power Eyes, Lumbar Support Cushion, and many other products.

Andrea’s Twitter tag also highlights her role on Pretty Wild:

Yes, this is the REAL Andrea Arlington from Pretty Wild! AND SO IT IS!

Andrea Arlington

So will we ever see these girls again for a second season of Pretty Wild.  Even though the site remains up and the girls still use the show to promote themselves I’m going to guess not.  I actually think these very pretty girls were too wild for their own good and there was just no way to run with a show unless it was changed to some kind of Dr. Drew / Pretty Wild / Intervention / Law & Order hybrid.  Wait, once again that sounds like a really interesting show! Grrrrrrrrr.

*Post Note: There was actually one other Pretty Wild lady, the youngest Gabby, but since she is still a young un’ I felt it best to leave her out of this update even though at one point the show featured her trying on bras from a lingerie shop with her mother!

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