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The Family Chantel had highest rated premiere of any 90 Day Fiance series, The Other Way grows 46%

TLC’s transformation into The 90 Day Channel continues! The network launched two successful new series under their 90 Day Fiance umbrella in the past couple months, both of which have been very successful. Spin-off The Family Chantel surprised a lot of fans by setting a franchise record on July 22 with 1.527 million viewers tuning in for the premiere! Meanwhile, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way debuted with 1.232 million viewers on June 3, and has since grown its audience astronomically.

MARRYING MILLIONS Brian is an actor with 62 credits on IMDB

On the inaugural season of Lifetime’s Marrying Millions, viewers are introduced to Las Vegas real estate mogul Gentille and her construction worker boyfriend Brian. Their main story line, outside of the fact that they are allegedly from vastly different economic classes, is that Gentille doesn’t know a lot about Brian’s personal life — including the fact that he lives with his parents. As it turns out, there may be even more about Brian’s life that Gentille (or at least Marrying Millions viewers) are unaware of! Namely, that he is an aspiring actor with more than 60 acting credits on IMDB!

MARRYING MILLIONS Rapper Kolton Pierce music videos, including ‘Bad At Love’ with Katie Hamilton

We’re already two episodes into Lifetime’s new economic class-jumping romance reality series Marrying Millions, but viewers still may not realize that Katie Hamilton’s much younger boyfriend Kolton Pierce is an aspiring hip hop star. Keep reading to check out samples of his music, including two music videos — including “Bad At Love” featuring Katie!

Marrying Millions Drew Gemma has multiple tax liens, plus other liens over the last 7 years

23-year-old Marrying Millions star Rosie isn’t the only one asking her 40-year-old millionaire boyfriend to “Come through Daddy Drew!” It seems the state of Ohio is also looking for some of the Drewster’s millions in the form of numerous tax liens over the past decade. That is in addition to multiple Uniform Commercial Code filings in which Drew used his contractor equipment as collateral.

How did Marrying Millions millionaires Bill, Katie & Sean make their money?

The producers of 90 Day Fiance and Love after Lockup have a new relationship reality series titled Marrying Millions on Lifetime in which the six featured couples aren’t trying to overcome international borders or prison bars, but economic classes. In part one of a two-part series, we look into the six millionaire cast members to figure out how they earned their millions. Keep reading to get the scoop on Bill Hutchinson, Katie Hamilton and Sean Lourdes!