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Love During Lockup Mark’s friend Jeremy’s arrest record includes larceny & LOTS of DUIs

Prior to his first video call with inmate bae Sincer-a, Love During Lockup star consulted his friend Jeremy for advice. Jeremy revealed that he was a good person to give advice since he spent nearly a decade in prison himself! Keep reading to find out details about Jeremy’s arrest history. Plus, lots more info on Jeremy, including the fact that he dated another Sharp Entertainment reality star in 2017!

MARRYING MILLIONS Brian is an actor with 62 credits on IMDB

On the inaugural season of Lifetime’s Marrying Millions, viewers are introduced to Las Vegas real estate mogul Gentille and her construction worker boyfriend Brian. Their main story line, outside of the fact that they are allegedly from vastly different economic classes, is that Gentille doesn’t know a lot about Brian’s personal life — including the fact that he lives with his parents. As it turns out, there may be even more about Brian’s life that Gentille (or at least Marrying Millions viewers) are unaware of! Namely, that he is an aspiring actor with more than 60 acting credits on IMDB!