Lifetime’s Marrying Millions preview trailer, cast photos and bios – from producers of 90 Day Fiance

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The producers of 90 Day Fiance and Love After Lockup are branching out with a new concept — and to a new network! The relationship reality experts have just announced that their new series Marrying Millions will premiere July 10 on Lifetime!

Instead of thousands of miles, international borders, or prison bars keeping these six couples apart, it is economic class (plus a few decades here and there). “Marrying Millions follows six couples who are deeply in love and hoping to marry, but come from completely different worlds,” Lifetime reveals in the press release announcing the series. “Regular people are whisked off their feet and plunged into a high-end life of riches, extravagant experiences, and glamorous trips around the globe.”

So far, so good, right? Or maybe not: “While it may sound like a modern-day fairytale, it’s definitely not all champagne and caviar. On the road to the altar, the couples must try to bridge their vast differences and fit into each other’s alien worlds.”


To be honest, the concept sounds pretty standard to me. But you have to remember this is Sharp Productions. Not only do they know how to tell stories well, they are the Michelangelo of reality show casting. And judging from the preview trailer, Marrying Millions will be yet another masterpiece: two minutes in and I’m already addicted!

I’ll be quiet and let you watch the trailer:

Here are photos and bios for each of the couples, including two faces that may be familiar to Real Housewives fans:


Lifetime Marrying Millions cast Bill and Brianna
Dallas, Texas

Bill, who describes himself as 60 years young, founded and currently runs a commercial real estate company with investments in the billions. Twice divorced, Bill met Brianna, 21, at a popular restaurant in Dallas where Brianna was a hostess, and the two began dating. Despite their almost 40-year age gap, these two couldn’t be more in love with one another. Bill wants to introduce Brianna to the finer things in life, but wonders if she is ready for Dallas high society…and if Dallas high society is ready for her.

(Bill appeared on The Real Housewives of Dallas when he hosted D’Andra Simmons’ fourth anniversary party.)

Lifetime Marrying Millions Katie Hamilton Kolton
Dallas, Texas

Katie, 37, was previously married to baseball star Josh Hamilton. Following a messy and public divorce, Katie ended up millions richer, with shared custody of her and Josh’s daughters. Katie met aspiring hip-hop artist, 23-year-old Kolton, when he showed up at her house as part a group of her 18-year-old daughter’s friends. After hitting it off, the two began dating. Though they have only been together for a few months, there has already been backlash from her friends and family, and Katie has yet to Colton’s his parents.

(Katie was on her way to becoming a full-fledged Real Housewives of Orange County cast member until her husband Josh Hamilton began having drug problems again.)

Lifetime Marrying Millions Gentille Brian
Las Vegas, Nevada

Gentille is a real estate investor who buys and sells extravagant homes; in doing so, she lives an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. Brian, meanwhile, comes from a blue-collar family in Minnesota and works in construction, living paycheck-to-paycheck. The two met when Gentille hired Brian to work on one of her developments. Brian quickly won her over with his charm and sense of humor, and they began dating. But Gentille’s friends, a big part of her life as she has no family, have their doubts about Brian’s true intentions.

Lifetime Marrying Millions Drew and Rosie
Cleveland, Ohio

Divorced, multi-millionaire Drew owns a successful construction and landscaping company. He enjoys spoiling Rosie, a recent college graduate who still lives with her parents, with fancy dinners, extravagant purchases, and basically whatever she needs. This is all very much to the dismay of Rosie’s family, who isn’t supportive of her and Drew’s relationship.

Lifetime Marrying Millions Shawn Kate
Palm Springs, California

Millionaire Shawn is a 29-year old entrepreneur and rapper from Palm Springs, who made his money in the tech sector. Kate, 33, met Shawn at a business conference she attended where Shawn was the keynote speaker. After his speech, Kate approached Shawn about a mentorship. Instead, they sparked a romance, and the two have been dating ever since. Shawn enjoys lavishing Kate with all the finer things that she never had growing up. While Kate hopes to get married to Shawn soon, his career ambitions have him struggling with the idea of getting engaged.

Lifetime Marrying Millions Sean Megan
New York / New Jersey / Los Angeles, California

Third-generation businessman Sean is heir to a successful publishing company and has a net worth of over $30 million. Meanwhile, Megan grew up in a working class family from Southern California’s Inland Empire. Megan applied for a job at Sean’s company, but when he was fifteen minutes late for her interview, she left. Sean looked Megan up on Facebook and, struck with her profile, pursued her for the next year and a half until she finally said yes to a date with him. Five years later, they have a son together, and are ready to walk down the aisle…but many still question their relationship.

Marrying Millions premieres Wednesday, July 10, at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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