MARRYING MILLIONS Brian is an actor with 62 credits on IMDB

Lifetime Marrying Millions Gentille's boyfriend Brian is an actor named Brian Blu

On the inaugural season of Lifetime’s Marrying Millions, viewers are introduced to Las Vegas real estate mogul Gentille and her construction worker boyfriend Brian. Their main story line, outside of the fact that they are allegedly from vastly different economic classes, is that Gentille doesn’t know a lot about Brian’s personal life — including the fact that he lives with his parents. As it turns out, there may be even more about Brian’s life that Gentille (or at least Marrying Millions viewers) are unaware of! Namely, that he is an aspiring actor with more than 60 acting credits on IMDB!

Most of Brian’s acting credits are under the name Brian Blu, which is different than his actual last name. However, his IMDB profile is now under the very suspiciously generic name Dave Smith. But, if you scroll through his acting credits, you can clearly see that most of his appearances were under the name Brian Blu.


You will notice that Brian’s 62 acting credits are almost all parts as background extras or similarly minor, non-speaking roles. That being said, he certainly does seem to keep busy!

In addition to appearing in popular films like The Hangover Part III, Now You See Me, and War Dogs, Brian has also graced the small screen numerous times — including both scripted and unscripted TV shows. Among his credits are appearances on Modern Family, Bosch, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Bad Ink, Ray Donovan, and Pawn Stars.

On a website for aspiring actors looking for work, Brian states that he has “Expertise in: Commercials, Feature Films, Independent movies, Mini-Series, Music Videos, Other, Reality TV, Sit-Coms.” He describes himself as “Athletic/Muscular 6’0” 190Lb, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes” with “special skills” that include: “Weapons, Motorcycles, Fire Breathing, Firearms, Combat Fighting, Martial Arts, Stunts, DJ/Emcee.”

Let’s hope we get to see Brian put his fire breathing DJ karate skills to work this season!

In a rare instance of getting a role as a character with an actual name, Brian appeared in the 2017 Tara Reid movie Bus Party To Hell as Fik. Brian even attended the premiere party and demonstrated that he doesn’t really seem to have an aversion to formal wear as he wore a tuxedo and posed on the red carpet:

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And here’s Brian in a group photo that includes Tara Reid:

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I tracked down some videos of Brian’s appearances, but his roles were so minor that it was difficult to get many good screen caps. Here are a couple from his appearance in a documentary short in which he plays “VIP Guest:”

Marrying Millions Brian Blu actor

I will be the first to admit that if Brian is just playing the part of goofy poor construction worker dating a super wealthy and super sexy Las Vegas real estate mogul, he’s a pretty good actor! However, judging from his lack of speaking roles, I’m thinking that he is essentially playing himself and his acting chops are nothing too remarkable. That hypothesis is backed up by this cringe-worthy audition video in which Brian is trying out for the role of a police officer:


I want to point out that Brian being an aspiring actor with a lot of credits does not necessarily mean that he isn’t also a construction worker. Clearly, just being a full-time extra does not pay a lot of money. Of course, it becomes more feasible to get by as a full-time extra if you are living with your parents!

Speaking of Brian living with his parents, I looked into that as well and discovered a few more inconsistencies as far as what we’ve seen on the show.

First of all, Brian’s real dad doesn’t live in Las Vegas, but still resides in their home state of Minnesota. Brian’s mom and his stepdad do live in Las Vegas, and look to have been living there for some time as they were married in Sin City in 1987. His stepdad’s address was listed as Las Vegas in 2002, confirming that they have been there more than just “a few years.”

The interior shots of Brian’s house on Marrying Millions included numerous family photos of himself, his brother, his sister, and his mother — but none with either his dad or his stepdad. I am guessing that since we saw his mother’s face in one of the photos, that we will get to meet her later in the season — but that is purely speculation. Here is the photo, turned and tweaked a bit in Photoshop:

Marrying Millions Brian family photo with his mom brother and sister

From the mid-1990s up until 2008, Brian was living in South Florida. During that time he was the agent or an officer for at least seven different limited liability companies. I did some quick research on the businesses, and nothing jumped out as suspicious or interesting enough to include here.

Judging from Brian’s acting resume, it appears as though he moved to Las Vegas in 2012. He registered for another LLC in 2017 and listed a Las Vegas address. That address corresponds to a property purchased by his mother and stepdad in 2011. However, that house IS NOT the one shown on Marrying Millions. At least the exterior is not the same. Brian’s stepdad has another property in Las Vegas, but it isn’t the house featured on the show either.

It’s obvious that we are not getting a completely accurate portrayal of Brian on Marrying Millions, but I suppose there is still the chance that producers can come clean with a scene in which Brian “surprises” Gentille by revealing that he is an aspiring actor. That’s seems a bit unlikely, however.

The only way to find out what producers decide to reveal and not reveal about Brian’s acting career is to keep tuning in to new episodes of Marrying Millions airing Wednesday nights at 10/9c!

Brian isn’t the only Marrying Millions cast member raising eyebrows. Click here for some interesting background information on Sean Lourdes, including a 2014 LA Times article highlighting some of his shady financial dealings. And click the link in the tweet above for information on “sugar daddy” Drew’s numerous tax lienes over the last few years!

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