60 DAYS IN Season 7 cast profiles, photos, bios and past arrest info

60 Days In Season 7 cast

A&E’s popular reality series 60 Days In is back for a seventh season as Sheriff Reginald Scandrett invites seven volunteers to enter the Henry County Jail in McDonough, Georgia in hopes of identifying issues inside the facility. However, this season is unlike any previous season in that all seven volunteers heading into the jail are actual ex-convicts who have collectively served more than 40 years behind bars!

The Season 7 participants have a wide array of former charges, ranging from robbery to drug trafficking and tax fraud. Their previous experiences behind bars should help the volunteers acclimate to life in Henry County Jail, but some may find re-incarceration too much to handle.

To help viewers keep up with all of the participants featured during 60 Days In Season 7, we’ve put together a complete list of the cast members. In addition to photos and bios for all seven volunteers, we’ve also included information about their previous convictions as provided on the show. The entries are arranged alphabetically by the names the participants use on 60 Days In.

60 Days In Season 7 Cast Profiles

60 Days In Carlos real name Ricardo

Criminal Possession Of A Weapon – 3 1/2 Years

“I was incarcerated for three-and-a-half years for criminal possession of a weapon. I was a part of the Latin Kings.”

Carlos is a former member of the Latin Kings who has managed to turn his life around — a life that he is lucky to have at all. The former gang member reveals during the Season 7 Premiere that when he left the Latin Kings he was stabbed 12 times. Prior to leaving the gang and getting his life on track, Carlos was incarcerated multiple times, including a three-year sentence for possession of a weapon.

While serving his three-year sentence, it was the “lifers” serving time with him that helped turn Carlos’s life around. He realized that the life he was living was going to result in most of his remaining years spent behind bars — if he was lucky enough to have a lot of remaining years.

Carlos was released ten years ago, and that is when he parted ways with the Latin Kings. He is currently married to his high school sweetheart and is raising three children while working as a cross-country truck driver. He aspires to work with young gang members and help them come to the same realization that he did more than a decade ago.

60 Days In Chase real name chucky

Career Criminal – 20 incarcerations over 26 years

“I joined a gang when I was 12 years old, which led to over 20 incarcerations over the course of 26 years.”

As Chase reveals in his intro quote, he was a gang member before he was a teenager. By the time he turned 13, he had been shot and spent time in a juvenile detention center. Being a “career criminal,” Chase may have the most experience of any of the 60 Days In Season 7 participants as far as time behind bars. That experience will surely help Sheriff Reginald Scandrett get a better perspective of how his jail compares to other facilities.

Chase is described as a career criminal, but he had a rather dramatic career change. He is now a certified machinist with a fiancée and two children. Chase uses social media to try to deter others from choosing his initial career path, and he was recently honored by the state of Illinois with an Individual Achievement Award for assisting other formerly incarcerated people find gainful employment opportunities.

60 Days In Darius real name Rodney or Dontae

Armed Robbery – 10 Years

“From 2007 to 2016 I was incarcerated in six different prisons for armed robbery.”

Darius is from a military family, and he obviously didn’t respond well to the discipline usually associated with the military life. He got into a lot of trouble as a young man and caught a ten-year sentence for armed robbery before he was 25.

While serving his ten years, Darius changed his outlook on life and became focused on learning how to be financially successful without having to break the law. He was released from prison six years ago, and he soon started his own business.

Darius is now a successful online reseller and he shares his expertise and life experience on his Prison2Profit YouTube channel. Darius’s focus in regards to helping current inmates is to change their economic perspective and help them achieve financial stability once they are released.

As Darius teases in the 60 Days In Season 7 Premiere, he welcomed his first child, a son, while filming for the show. His name is Brendell and he makes an occasional appearance on Darius’s YouTube channel.

60 Days In Lynn real name Joann or Jojo

Theft, Drug Possession – 8 Years

“I served a total of eight years time for theft, burglary, shoplifting, credit card fraud, and drug possession.”

Lynn is from Kentucky and lived a life of crime to finance her drug habit. At the time of filming, Lynn was just one year shy of matching her time behind bars with years of sobriety. She hopes that her history of arrests and addiction combined with her seven years of sobriety will enable her to help other inmates struggling with addiction turn their lives around as well.

Lynn embraces the role of “mama bear” on the show, and in real life she is the mother of five adult children. She has a husband, and the couple has been happily married for six years.

60 Days In Rose real name Rojonah or Ro

Tax Fraud – 2 1/2 Years

“I served a two-and-a-half-year sentence for tax fraud.”

Rose is the only 60 Days In Season 7 participant whose only previous conviction was for a white collar crime. Despite her seemingly mild incarceration resume, Rose is nothing short of an inspiration in regards to what she was able to do with her time behind bars.

Prior to her incarceration, Rose was running her own income tax business. Things seemed to be going extremely well for the mother of seven when she was charged with filing false income-tax returns totaling more than a million dollars. She eventually took a plea deal in October of 2017 and started her sentence in January of 2018.

Rose had a very difficult time in the early stages of her 30-month stint in federal prison, often crying herself to sleep at night. After a few months, Rose turned things completely around and began to make some amazing lemonade out of the lemons she had harvested for herself.

In addition to becoming a certified carpenter, Rose also earned her paralegal certification. She used her legal knowledge to assist more than 20 other inmates with their cases, resulting in multiple dismissals. Rose continued her inmate legal advocacy after her release by becoming a motivational speaker and volunteering her document-preparation services to formerly incarcerated people.

In addition to offering legal assistance, Rose has also authored several books, including a picture book for children with incarcerated parents. Unfortunately, Rose is going to have to sell A LOT of books to pay back more than one million dollars she owes the IRS in restitution!

60 Days In Tim real name Nick

Steroid Trafficking – 6 Years

“I was arrested with over a half a million dollars in steroids. I served just under six years.”

Tim stayed out of a trouble as a youth on his family’s cattle farm in rural Georgia. However, things changed when he got older and was drawn to the allure of quick cash. Tim got involved in a multi-state steroid trafficking ring that provided him with a lavish lifestyle — right up until he was caught and sent to prison for six years.

Tim’s life in prison was anything but lavish, and he credits the deplorable conditions for motivating him to turn his life around in order to avoid ever going back. However, Tim is going back in as part of 60 Days In, and his focus will be on the well being of the inmates.

“He is participating in this program to be a voice and advocate on behalf of the inmates, making sure they have what they need to do their time productively,” reads Tim’s A&E bio. “He wants to observe the behavior of the jail staff and report any misconduct or mistreatment towards the inmates and being an OG he hopes to influence inmates to better their lives in any way he can.”

Tim is currently a semi-retired heavy machine operator raising a six-year-old son.

60 Days In Trinity real name Tangie

Aggravated Robbery With Deadly Weapon – 6 Years Probation

“I was arrested for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. I did seven days in jail and six years probation.”

Trinity looks to have the least experience behind bars among the Season 7 volunteers. Despite being convicted of aggravated robbery, Trinity only spent seven days in jail before being released to begin her six years of probation.

Despite her relative lack of experience being behind bars herself, Trinity is no stranger to the impact that incarceration can have on others. Her mother was in and out of prison, and Trinity had a job when she was 16 in part to make sure that her mother had money on her books.

Trinity seemed to break the cycle by earning her bachelor’s degree in chemistry in hopes of becoming a chemistry teacher. Unfortunately, that dream was derailed when she was arrested for aggravated robbery.

The aggravated robbery conviction was eight years ago, and in that time Trinity has become a DJ and has also started the “Felon to Phenomenal” coaching business to assist people in finding employment and rebuilding relationships after their release.

“As a spoken word poet, she hopes to influence fellow female inmates to see themselves outside the walls of incarceration, and as humans who are better than just being a statistic,” A&E says of Trinity’s decision to voluntarily enter Henry County Jail “To rise above the confines of jail, the charges that they have, do their time productively, and return to society a better person.”

To find out how all seven participants fare, be sure to tune in for new episodes of 60 Days In airing Thursday nights at 9/8c on A&E.

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