60 DAYS IN Zac’s wife Ashleigh Marie Baker cast for season 2


If social media feedback is any indication, veteran Zachary Baker was the most well received participant in the successful first season of 60 Days In. Zac’s wife, Ashleigh Marie Baker, made a surprise visit to the jail during Season 1 that left both in tears. A&E has since revealed that Ashleigh will be one of the new volunteer inmates for the 2nd season premiering on August 18.

Before the premiere, Ashleigh and the other new cast members will be introduced during a special “60 Days In: Meet the Participants” airing August 11. Zac and Ashleigh have a newborn son together.

Sheriff Jamey Noel caught some heat after it was revealed that Season 1 cast member Robert had appeared on TV before. It turns out that Zac has too, as he appeared on a 2012 Season 2 episode of ID’s Homicide Hunter entitled “A Gathering of Evil.”

Zac, who enlisted as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and served active duty in Afghanistan, played a soldier named Silas Nelson in a murder investigation reenactment scene.

60 Days In Season 1 cast member Zac as seen on Homicide Hunter

There was a bunch of feedback on Ashleigh’s appearances highlighting how easy on the eyes she is. Well, she’s done some modeling work that wouldn’t make you think any different!

Check out this gallery as well as this maternity gallery featuring gorgeous images with Zac.


It should be an interesting twist as Ashleigh exchanges places with Zac.