Previews from TONIGHT’S 60 Days In and Inmate To Roommate finales!

60 Days In and Inmate To Roommate finale episodes tonight!

A&E is delivering one more dramatic incarceration relocation double shot tonight night with the season finale episodes of 60 Days In and Inmate To Roommate! Over the course of nine episodes each, the two shows have documented inmates leaving prison, and former inmates choosing to go back in — both with mixed results.

60 Days In Finale Preview

60 Days In is down to just three inmates from the original seven who elected to enter enter the Henry County Jail in McDonough, Georgia as part of a program overseen by Sheriff Reginald Scandrett.

Darius, Rose and Trinity have re-acclimated to inmate life, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing — NOT. AT. ALL. In a dramatic cliff hanger preview clip from the 60 Days In Season 7 finale, we see Darius intervene after cell block bully Thump has a run-in with young inmate Deashaun. Tensions escalate quickly before Darius’s place in the jail thunderdome with Thump is taken by someone else.

The clip starts off innocently enough with Darius and several other inmates joking and playing cards. Tensions rise after Thump appears to push and/or punch Deashaun as Deashaun starts to go up the stairwell.

Word quickly spreads about what just happened and Darius is almost instantly in Thump’s cell challenging him to pick on someone his own size. Darius’s taunting escalates and includes slapping.

Just when it looks like Thump is going to accept Darius’s challenge, Nick arrives and takes Darius’s place. In trademark Nick fashion, he removes his shirt and is just about to land his first punch and/or tackle when the clip abruptly cuts off!

To find out how the altercation turns out, you’re going to have to tune in to the finale airing tonight at 9/8c on A&E!

For those of you sad to see the season end, don’t worry because A&E has more 60 Days In for you in the form of two reunion episodes airing next Thursday night! Here are the synopses for each of the reunion episodes:

60 Days In – The Aftermath: Part One – Airing 10/27 at 9/8c

When the participants reunite to discuss the highs and lows of their re-incarceration in the Henry County Jail, explosive arguments erupt within the group.

60 Days In – The Aftermath: Part Two – Airing 10/27 at 10/9c

The participants press Sheriff Scandrett and his team on the difficult conditions they endured during their time in the Henry County Jail, and Shaquille O’Neal makes a surprise appearance.

Inmate To Roommate Bill

Inmate To Roommate Finale Preview

Right after the 60 Days In Season 7 finale, viewers will be able to see the Season 1 finale of A&E’s breakout hit series Inmate To Roommate. The show documents recently released inmates moving in with roommates who have volunteered their homes as a (hopefully) temporary place to stay until the former inmates get back on their feet.

From the press release announcing the show:

Both the former inmates and their respective roommates will enter this this new living arrangement with their own baggage. The opportunities and the challenges are complex as they each face scrutiny from friends and family questioning their motives. Will this new situation allow the formerly incarcerated to successfully re-enter society or will it be the worst decision both parties have ever made?

Over the course of nine episodes, viewers have seen both sides of the spectrum, with some of the living arrangements helping the inmates “successfully re-enter society,” and other situations turning into “the worst decision both parties have ever made.” (Well, aside from committing the crimes that landed the inmates in prison in the first place.)

A clear example of the latter is former jewel thief Bill and his Seventh-day Adventist hosts Mark and Sharna. This trio has been on a dramatic roller coaster ride this season that most recently featured Bill taking a trip to California to visit his girlfriend only to find himself locked out of the house when he returned.

That’s where this preview clip picks up as Bill packs up his stuff and moves out of Mark and Sharna’s house:

“I have a lot of mixed feelings about moving out and coming here to pack up,” Bill says at the beginning of the clip as he arrives at Mark and Sharna’s house for the last time. “But in a way it’s good because it will be that much less stress, that much less drama.”

As Mark helps Bill pack his things, the two go back and forth about who’s fault it was that the living arrangement didn’t work out.

Mark summarizes his position in a confessional. “To have Bill disrespect my wife like that is definitely not cool. I have to put my wife and our sanity before Bill. We need to bring peace into our house and reclaim our lives.”

Later in the clip, Mark expresses his concerns for Bill going forward. “The most difficult thing about seeing Bill go is that I am unsure of his future. He could fall through the cracks. He could end up somewhere else where he’d have much more temptation for the things out in the world that can get him in trouble.”

Mark’s genuine concern for Bill’s well-being is evident as he gets emotional just before Bill drives off. As he’s wishing Bill good luck, Mark can’t hold back the tears. “Sorry we failed you,” he sobs.

Bill lets down his guard a bit, shakes Mark’s hand, and then gives him a side hug. “I know we all three had our times where we fell short,” Mark tells the camera, “and I believe in taking responsibility for my part. I know Sharna’s struggled with times that she was — that she could have done better, and we’ve all had our times where we could have done better. It’s just too bad that it had to end like this”

Not all of the stories on Inmate To Roommate ended as poorly as Bill’s, so be sure to tune in to the season finale tonight at 10/9c to find out who had a happy ending and who didn’t!

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