Courtney Stodden’s mom plans to adopt 42-year-old John Kerwin

Courtney Stodden and Mom Krista Keller

Courtney Stodden may soon have a new brother — who just happens to be twice her age. Krista Keller, who infamously allowed Courtney to marry Doug Hutchinson when she was 16 and he was 51, is now planning to adopt 42-year-old John Kerwin.

“John’s mother passed away four years ago. I feel like he’s my son, he feels like I’m his mother,” Krista, 55, told Us Weekly, explaining they are looking into legal adoption. “I totally love this person, and he loves me as his mother. I’m going to have the son I’ve never had before. I’m so excited. He’s so funny.”

The situation may benefit Krista and John for more than one reason: The self-described “mumager” is currently without a client and John is in the entertainment industry as the host of The John Kerwin Show, a monthly late-night talk show that airs on JLTV.

John Kerwin JLTV

Krista admitted she’s partially looking to fill the “hole in [her] heart” her estrangement from Courtney created.

“We’re not speaking. It’s not good,” she said. “She totally really got upset with me about the timing when I stepped [down as her manager] and I feel with this particular situation I am going to be so much more appreciated and so much more loved.”

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