SISTER WIVES Is Coyote Pass paid off yet?

The stars of Sister Wives originally purchased the Arizona plot of land “Coyote Pass” to build 5 homes on but now only 1 wife remains. Records have been obtained that the $820,000 property is officially paid off.

What is going to happen next?

Sister Wives

Sister Wives is a TLC reality series that has aired for 17 seasons. The show, which premiered in 2010, introduced us to the polygamist Brown family which includes Kody Brown and his (then) 4 wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

Over the course of Sister Wives, the family has splintered and many of the spiritual marriages have been dissolved. The first to officially leave was Christine Brown, Kody’s 3rd wife, and mother to 6 of his children.

Christine bounced back fast and is currently engaged to widow David Woolley. While her son Paedon is currently feuding with him, wife number 2 Janelle has given her blessing and frequently spends time with the couple.

Meri Brown officially announced that she is separated from Kody and is currently working on her bed and breakfast in Parowan, Utah. It is said that Janelle is also separated from the family but no official statement has been released.

Currently it appears Kody is only with his legal (4th) wife Robyn Sullivan Brown, and their kids speculate that they will not be adding anyone else to the marriages.

Coyote Pass

Before the Brown family dissolved, the plan was for them to live on a shared plot of land in Flagstaff, Arizona. The group of 5 purchased the land they named “Coyote Pass” in 2018.

The wives all had varying opinions of the property, from “hearing the angels sing” in the mountains to skepticism of living near each other. There was even a massive fight about a small pond on the property.

Coyote Pass property division among the sister wives

Several seasons were dedicated to the finding and purchasing of Coyote Pass, and in the end it was bought and sectioned off with plans to divide the lot into 5 – with each wife getting her own space and Kody building a 5th home for himself.

Property paid off

The land has yet to be built on, one reason being because it wasn’t paid off. Property records indicate the $820,000 plot of land was officially paid off earlier this month.

The last parcel remaining was the one shared by Kody and Jenelle, which the family paid $340,000 for in June of 2018.

Who will live there?

Now that Coyote Pass is officially owned by the Brown’s, who will live there? That information is unknown, but we know for sure that Christine and Meri have no plans to settle at the property.

Janelle is currently living in an RV camper… and while the rumors say that she is no longer with Kody, she is one of the more traditional wives and was a big part of Coyote Pass being paid off. It isn’t clear whether she will build on it or not, though her campter waswas parked on Coyote Pass for a while.

Kody and Robyn could use the 14.48 acres for themselves, as the pair has grown accustom to living in big houses. All we know for sure is that the land is theirs to do what they want with, and has not yet been put up for sale.

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