Is Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown pregnant again?

Tonight’s season finale of Sister Wives (don’t worry, there’s a “reunion” episode next week,) involved a slideshow about the family and ended with Robyn Brown about to make a special announcement. Earlier there was speculation among the kids about whether or not Robyn was pregnant again. Is that her big secret?

When Kody was asked directly if Robyn is expecting again, he noted that she had been feeling sick lately, but ultimately demurred, saying she would kill him if he discussed her fertility. During the episode Kody tweeted to Robyn “Super Sol! Thanks @LuvgvsUwngs
A cute little boy! Only the 3rd shy child of 17….Should we have another?

There is still a possibility that Robyn could be going through with a surrogacy for Meri. What do you think Robyn’s big secret is?

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