Laura Barron says everyone asked back for Unexpected Season 3 except her

TLC’s teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected has been a big hit for the network, with the second season often beating out MTV’s Teen Mom OG in viewers week to week. So, it is anything but unexpected that the network would renew the series for a third season, and it appears that they have already made their decision on who to bring back!

The casting scoop came via Season 2 rookie Laura Barron, who surprised a lot of viewers by ending up in what appears to be the healthiest and most stable relationship of all the moms. She and husband Tylor Strawmyer are still very happily married as he continues his Navy career path by graduating boot camp late last month.

It’s unclear if perhaps the happy ending might have impacted her chances of returning to the show in a negative way, but Laura has revealed that she was the only cast member not asked back for another season.

The reveal came during a Q&A session with her Instagram followers after someone asked: “Will you be on the next season of Unexpected?” Laura replied by writing: “I don’t think they want me back ??‍♀️.”

“Why do you think Unexpected doesn’t want you back?” Laura is asked in a follow up question. “You and Tylor were the best!” the fan added.

“They asked everyone else to come back except me,” Laura responded, along with an “lol.”

A couple more questions and answers with Laura:

QUESTION: Why don’t they want you back on Unexpected? You were my favorite!! 🙁

LAURA: My theory is that we didn’t have enough drama in our story.

QUESTION: Was it a good experience being on a reality TV show? Or do you wish you never did it?

LAURA: I loved it! It was and awesome experience. No regrets.

I do want to point out that Tylor will soon be deployed, and Laura will more than likely relocate with him. That kind of unknown situation can be a nightmare for producers — so I would guess that the military lifestyle had more to do with their decision than Laura’s positive story line. Or at least I hope that is the case!

I really enjoy Laura and Tylor and their families, and I think having a relatively healthy relationship is a great ingredient for a series like this where most of the relationships are just as bad as everyone else’s when they were 16 and 17 — except with a child involved. Just look at Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea DeBoer as a shining example of how positive it can be to have a bit of dramatic contrast between segments.

Prior to Laura’s announcement, her co-star Emiley Noack did confirm that she had been asked back for another season during an Instagram live session earlier this month. Her return is not guaranteed, however, as they are still waiting on her ex Diego Reyes to decide if he is willing to come back — something that he has stated very clearly before that he does not want to do after how badly he was portrayed in Season 2.

Many of the current cast members shared a casting call for Season 3 online (above), suggesting that show producers are interested in adding new moms to the mix yet again. If Laura is not coming back, and there is the possibility that Emiley might not be back either, that would leave two open slots if producers decide to keep the same sized cast. But, given the success of the series, it’s my guess that if producers find more than a couple first-time teen moms with compelling stories, that we will be seeing an expanded cast, or perhaps even a spin-off series similar to Teen Mom 2.

We will certainly keep our eyes and ears open and update as soon as we know anything!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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he recently completed Navy boot camp and will soon be deployed