UNEXPECTED Laura Barron updates on Tylor Strawmyer divorce, custody, where she’s living and more

Unexpected mom Laura Barron divorce update

Unexpected Season 2 mom Laura Barron returned to YouTube earlier today to update fans on her split from Tylor Strawmyer. As we were the first to report, Tylor filed for divorce in May of last year. The filing came after several break ups and reconciliations, and after A LOT of online drama — including Tylor allegedly getting another woman pregnant.

“I finally feel like I’m in a good place mentally to be talking about this,” Laura explains in the 14-minute clip (embedded below). I’m not going to be telling, like, my side of the story or anything,” she continues. “This is just an update. We got separated in February, and we haven’t been together since then.”

Laura confirms that she and Tylor are in the process of getting a divorce, and says that it should be finalized in February. (Court records indicate a final dissolution hearing is scheduled for February 4.)

Laura then shares some details about her life now, including her current living situation and the custody arrangement with her and Tylor’s two children.

“We are splitting custody 50/0,” Laura says. “So basically, he has them for a full week, and then I have them for a full week.”

Laura says that she and Tylor were living together when they moved back to Indiana, and that she later moved into her own apartment. That arrangement was short lived.

“I just had to end my lease there and I moved back in with my parents,” Laura reveals, adding that she is back in her childhood bedroom. “It’s not the most ideal situation, but I will be able to save money living here.”

In addition to saving money, Laura is also appreciative of the help and support that her mom and dad are providing. “My parents are super helpful,” she says. “It’s just amazing that I have them. I know everyone doesn’t have that, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life — that they’re helpful and all that.”

Is Laura working? “I do have a full-time job that I’ve had since last year,” she says. “I work full-time at a grocery store.”

In addition to working full time, Laura plans to attend college. “I’m going to be starting school in January, so that’s super exciting. I’m really excited for that! That’s another reason I moved back in here with my parents — to save money for that.”

Laura on getting divorced

Below are some excerpts from what Laura had to say in the video:

I just want to say divorce — getting out of this relationship and getting divorced — is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I know divorce isn’t always a positive thing. I know it can be really heartbreaking and terrible for families, but for me, I have never felt more free and clear in the head…like I can be happy.

…From the beginning, when me and him started dating, it was always a little toxic. And towards the end of our relationship it was just extremely toxic. And every day just felt like a battle with my mind. And I felt so alone. And I felt like a failure.

I wanted that marriage to work so badly that I just stuck with it no matter what, and no matter how I was treated, no matter what happened in the relationship. I just wanted it to work so badly that I just put myself through hell to make it work. Sometimes that’s not always a good thing to do, even though, obviously, divorce isn’t always the best option.

Obviously, if you can make your marriage work, that’s awesome. In my case I feel like there was way too much damage and toxicity that…it was over. I’m just so happy now that I’m out of that and that I made that decision last year.

I was a completely different person last year. If you knew me a couple years ago, and then you knew me today, I was so different. And in so many ways — not just physically, but emotionally. I was scared to leave the house two years ago and do things. I’m just a completely different person now.

So I’m really excited for this new chapter in my life. I’m grateful for all the people that are in my life and that support me. It’s been a roller coaster, but I finally feel like I’m going back up. I always want what’s best for my kids, and for me, getting this divorce was the best option.

I would rather the kids have two separate homes than growing up seeing that toxic relationship, and fighting, and anger, and disloyalty, and dishonesty. They’re much better off not seeing — growing up and seeing that.

I want to raise my boys to be true men and know how to treat a woman, and if they grow up watching how I was treated, it would break my heart to see them older, doing that to another woman.

Ultimately, this is the best place I’ve been in since probably 2016. I finally feel happy and content.

TLC Unexpected Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer update

…I will never be settling like I did. I will never, ever be settling again. I know what I deserve now, and I didn’t back then. But I do now.

I just want to give my 2019 year old self a hug right now because I remember that pain and feeling so alone…I remember being 19 years old across the country, away from my family. I’m feeling so alone, and in a toxic relationship — not doing anything for myself, always putting everyone else before me. I just want to give her a hug because…no one should ever have to wake up every morning and feel like that. And even though you have people around you that you love, it doesn’t make you feel any less alone when you’re in a toxic situation.

…It’s been a long couple years, but going through that really made me a stronger person, and I finally feel free and happy. I don’t miss that relationship anymore like I did when it ended. I finally feel like I don’t miss it.

I’m happy that it ended, like I really am. And I’m happy that I was able to get out of that when I did.

…If you’re in a toxic relationship, or you have been in a toxic, emotional, abusive relationship, I hear you, and I feel you, and you’re not alone, and you’re strong. You’re strong enough for this.

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