SOUTHERN CHARM Austen Kroll, Craig Conover restaurant Carriage House coming soon

Southern Charm‘s Austen Kroll and Craig Conover are friends who love to work together.

The pair have several collaborations expected in 2023, including a restaurant in New York City called ‘Carriage House.’

Southern Charmers

Craig Conover and Austen Kroll are stars of a few Bravo hit series. Both getting their start on Southern Charm, the two have also become a force to be reckoned with on the Summer House spinoff Winter House.

Together, the duo form “Pillows and Beer,” a podcast turned live-show with Conover representing the pillows, and Kroll providing the beer.

These guys have no plans to stop collaborating, with 2023 gearing up to be their biggest year yet.

Carriage House

Conover and Kroll are looking to move into a new area this year: food!

With the announcement of Carriage House, the pair will find themselves as restauranteurs. There isn’t too much to know about this upcoming dining spot, but from what we were able to gather, it sounds like it has major potential.

Conover tells People Magazine this will be a place where there’s “no [flash] photography allowed — you can just enjoy yourself.”

The website shows the interior of Carriage House on its landing page. On Instagram we learn that the décor is expected to promote local artists:

A new New York Eatery

The description of the food at Conover and Kroll’s new West Villiage restaurant is what really has our mouths watering.

Gotham Magazine described it as

reimagined childhood classics and dishes from the bygone era such as ‘peanut butter and jelly,’ duck TV dinner, and tuna ‘casserole,’ flipped on their heads and elevated with high-quality ingredients and French technique. Think foie gras, chicken liver and berry, roasted duck plated in compartments (TV dinner–style), and tuna sashimi, daikon, and wonton.

The Carriage House website boasts American Homestyle Fine-Dining Cuisine encapsulating our favorite parts of New York culture and cuisine while including several pictures of dishes we hope will be available.

The official menu has yet to to be announced, but it was teased as ‘coming soon’ by the restaurant just a week ago.

A new partnership for Conover and Kroll

Austen and Craig aren’t the only ones involved in the business. As it turns out, Carriage House will have a few owners/operators including Chris Maier, Philip Testa, and fellow reality star, chef Jordan Andino.

No official opening date is set, but there is a webpage for reservations once the time comes.

Carriage House NYC
142 West 10th Street
New York, NY 10014
+1 917-472-7229

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