Which OG cast member is returning to Basketball Wives for Season 8?

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We’ve already gotten confirmation that the 8th season of Basketball Wives is a go, and that filming for the new episodes has actually already begun. Word on the street is that in addition to Tami, Jackie, Shaunie, and the rest of the familiar faces, at least one old-school name will be in the Basketball Wives Season 8 cast. Two names are getting whispered most of all, and we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out which one you’ll be seeing on the show this year.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, Evelyn Lozada spilled the tea about the new episodes on Twitter. (VH1 almost never confirms new seasons of any of their shows until just before those shows are about to premiere. Strange move, but whatever.)

In addition, we’ve written about Basketball Wives‘ new production company seeking to shake the series up by turning it into more of a black Real Housewives-type of show. The network turned BBW and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood over to the same production company — Big Fish Entertainment, best-known to VH1 viewers for producing Black Ink Crew — and reportedly wants a renewed focus on romantic relationships.

Having said all that, we’ve been hearing plenty about how either Draya Michele or Royce Reed are supposedly rejoining for the Basketball Wives Season 8 cast. Both women would indeed be OG additions: Draya starred in the first four seasons of Basketball Wives LA before leaving the show in 2015; Royce starred in the first four seasons of the original Basketball Wives, and left the show in 2012.

Neither woman has said anything publicly about returning. Royce did apparently confirm her return on a mysterious tea page, but we haven’t been able to find the page yet. However, if we had to put money on one of the two women, it would be Royce. Though both have got plenty going on business-wise, Draya’s social media profile has exploded since leaving BBW. She’s got a combined eight million followers on Instagram and Twitter, plenty of product endorsements, and several different clothing lines to manage. It just doesn’t seem like she needs the paycheck or the hassle of reality TV.

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Draya Michele at the 2nd Annual Revolve Awards in Las Vegas, November 2018. Photo via SplashNews.com.

Plus, Draya isn’t even a Basketball Wife anymore: she’s engaged to NFL cornerback Orlando Scandrick. But Royce Reed was Dwight Howard’s baby mama, meaning she’s one way for the show to bring Dwight’s controversial, alleged long-term relationship with a transgender woman into the conversation. And there’s been plenty of drama with Royce’s girls dance troupe, We Are Fantashique, being defrauded last year.

Basketball Wives Season 8 cast 2
Royce Reed’s #10YearChallenge photo, via Instagram.

Either way, we don’t have long to wait. Basketball Wives‘ new season is expected to debut in the summer of 2019.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives Season 8 cast via Instagram, VH1, SplashNews.com)

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