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Dual Survival’s Grady Powell stirs up marriage rumors with sweet photo updates

Are the Dual Survival guys gay? That, believe it or not, is one of the most common questions folks ask about the show–and it's difficult to understand why, considering that both seasoned vet (and recent retirée) Grady Powell and new hand Josh James are regular updaters on social media. And, as devoteés of the pair's social media followings know, both men have very separate family lives on opposite sides of the globe–so read on for a different kind of Dual Survival photo gallery, one that highlights life for the hosts when the only cameras are their own.

Dual Survival Season 8: Hosting carousel continues as two new figures take over the show

Did Dual Survival get a new guy? That's the question on the minds of many of the Discovery hit's viewers, as Season 8 kicks off with two more brand-new figures at the helm. Fan-favorite Grady Powell, who had become increasingly popular over the past two seasons, has bowed out, making way for hosts new to Dual Survival but familiar to fans of another popular Discovery show. Read on for the breakdown...

Ex-Dual Survival hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin in murder threat lawsuit

Former Dual Survival hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin have a long history of disagreements, but Cody is now suing the Discovery Channel for pairing him with Teti and making it look like Cody was the one who cracked under pressure. According to Cody, Joe threatened to murder him several times–and with a number of different implements–and, thanks to the network's producers, he's unable to find work. Read on for the latest, including the extensive history Cody and Joe have both together and with Discovery!

Grady Powell Dual Survival update: Fan favorite addresses Bill controversy, talks next season (and beer!)

It's a Grady Powell Dual Survival update of massive proportions today, as the noted adventurer recently took to Facebook for yet another extensive fan Q&A! Questions about Dual Survival Season 7 abounded, as did musings on whether Grady would return for Season 8, and what his relationship with the still-controversial Bill McConnell is really like. Plus: Beer! Read on for the latest!

Dual Survival update: Grady Powell talks fan concerns

The latest Dual Survival update is a big one: we've got a veritable treasure trove of new information about the present and future states of the show, thanks to current co-host Grady Powell! Grady answered hundreds of fans' questions during a far-reaching Facebook Q&A session yesterday, before a brand new episode of the show brought its own Dual Survival update. Get yourself a beverage, settle in, and read on!