16 & PREGNANT Nikkole Paulun’s ex Josh Drummonds arrested again for armed robberies, meth

16 and Pregnant Nikkole Paulun's ex Josh Drummonds arrests mug shot photos

Troubled 16 and Pregnant dad Josh Drummonds is back behind bars in Texas on multiple charges of armed robbery as well as meth possession with intent to deliver.

Nikkole Paulun’s ex was released in early April after serving time for allegedly attempting to take a gun from a security officer at a hospital. Josh was reportedly in the hospital at the time awaiting transport to a Houston psychiatric hospital after an attempted suicide.

Less than one month later, Josh was back behind bars and facing some very serious new charges. According to court records, Josh was booked in Harris County, Texas on April 29 for meth possession with intent to deliver. According to the charging document, Josh was in possession of more than 4 grams, but less than 200 grams — a first degree felony in Texas.


When Josh was picked up for meth possession, he was also charged with the two counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, which is also a first degree felony. According to the criminal complaint, Josh used a firearm to rob two women on April 22. It’s unclear if the two robberies were separate incidents, or if the women were together and robbed at the same time.

Josh is currently in the Harris County Jail with a bond amount of $75,000 for each of the three felony charges — a total of $225,000. His next scheduled court appearance is later this month.

We reached out to Nikkole Paulun for her comment on Josh’s most recent arrest. “I’m very thankful, because obviously he’s a threat to anyone around him,” Nikkole tells us. “We’re kind of holding our breath, though, since he got out the last two times when we thought he wouldn’t.”

More from Nikkole:

We previously spoke with Nikkole just after Josh was released much earlier than expected. “Nobody expected him to be out any time soon, and everyone feels really unprepared for this change,” Nikkole told us. “And were just praying nothing bad happens and we’re taking all the precautions to keep me and the kids safe.”

Nikkole would later upload a Youtube video about Josh’s release:

To wrap up this post, I will include the summary and a timeline of Josh headlines from our previous post:

Given Josh’s history of threatening behavior, Nikkole’s concerns are extremely merited. In case you are unaware of Josh’s past run-ins with the law and his disturbing actions over the years, here is a timeline of our coverage since before he first appeared with Nikkole and their son Lyle on 16 and Pregnant Season 2.

If you are only going to click on a couple of the links, then you should check out the post in which “Nikkole Paulun shares disturbing details about Lyle’s dad Joshua Drummonds” and the one about Josh posting photos cutting himself. In both of those posts Nikkole talks at length and in great detail about his frightening actions.

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