Jordan Cashmyer returns to Twitter for update: ‘I was NEVER missing’

Jordan Cashmyer update 2017

Troubled 16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer made headlines earlier this year after she showed up on several online escort sites. Not long after that, her mother Kari plastered Facebook with pleas to help locate Jordan after she had reportedly gone missing. Jordan, who is from near Baltimore, later turned up in Virginia — and has now turned up social media to clarify what happened and how she is doing.

Jordan’s first tweet since May was on Sunday and references someone from near where she lives that was on Catfish. She jokes that perhaps people will stop giving her such a hard time now. “Just saw this season of catfish there was a boy from havre de Grace, M.D,” she writes, “now everyone should be riding my ass a little less.”

A concerned follower points out that a lot of the attention Jordan is receiving is because people are genuinely worried about her. “I dont think people are riding your ass… i think the better words are some people who care about you are concerned ?”

“That’s not what I’m referring to,” Jordan responds. “There are people like you, who yes ride my ass because you care. But there are MANY other people who are riding my nuts, hard as f**k….just to be most and cause more problems than I had to begin with.”

[Considering that fact that Jordan was initially thrust back into the spotlight because she was advertising herself on multiple escorting websites, she might want to consider describing her situation without continually mentioning how many people are riding her ass or her nuts or whatever.]

Another concerned follower asks: “Are you ok?” He adds that there are “Lots of rumors going around about you.”

“Key word there….rumors,” Jordan responds. “Thanks for asking, I’m great actually.”

Jordan then seems to let her guard down a bit as she offers up some details about her life over the past few months:

A lot of people are confused on what’s been going on in my life. Not that it is majority of anyone’s business, i just want to clear some Things up for the sake of my family and those who were truly concerned. I was NEVER missing, the people who posted that were people who ONLY did that for their own benefit. My father and mother(stepmom so no one is confused) were in contact with me and have been part of my recovery everyday. I am currently working on myself and my recovery, and am actually very happy with my life right now. There is one thing missing and that will come over time….my baby girl and a good coparenting relationship with her father.

Jordan is obviously referencing her mother Kari when she mentions the “people who ONLY did that for their own benefit.” I will admit that some of Kari’s posts about Jordan being missing were a little odd, to say the least. Kari clearly has some issues of her own, which she also posts about frequently on Facebook.

Jordan didn’t mention the escort ads at all.

In addition to her Twitter return, Jordan has also reportedly been posting on Snapchat — including some snaps with an older man that she has indicated that she is currently in a relationship with. Here is a photo of the two of them posted by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup:

Jordan Cashmyer Snapchat

It’s great to hear that Jordan is doing well! We certainly wish her the best. Hopefully our next post about her will be another one full of good news. 🙂

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