16 & PREGNANT Jordan Ward expecting 3rd baby


One of the most popular moms from 16 & Pregnant is expecting again!

Jordan Ward announced via Instagram that she is pregnant with her 3rd child. In a post on Monday, the mom of son Noah and daughter Arri shared a snap of her baby bump along with the news that her due date is in September of 2017.

Jordan tagged the father-to-be Manny Hinkson as well. On April 29, 2016 Manny professed his love for Jordan on Facebook, writing:

I also believe I might of found the love of my life here. Please believe I won’t let any corny a** white county folk dictate any of my moves. I’m here, been here and ain’t going nowhere. Kill em with kindness and bury em with a smile ⚰ (thanks baby girl) I’ll keep on loving and living without judgment or ignorance.

The “kill em with kindness” quote is Jordan’s current tagline on Instagram. Here’s a snap of Manny:


In April of 2016, The Ashley reported on a split between Jordan and Brian Finder, the father of her first two children. Finder had posted on his Instagram page that the pair separated after nearly 5 years of marriage.

Brian shared this great pic about a week ago of Noah and Arri attending their first Cardinals game:

In a reply to a congrats on her Instagram post, Jordan indicated that she and Manny are expecting a baby boy. She wrote, “I have no name ideas. I had the perfect girl name picked out! Lol oh well.”