VIDEO Did Donn get Vicki Gunvalson pregnant while she was still married to Michael Wolfsmith?

Vicki Gunvalson and husband Donn Gunvalson at their dinner from Hell

In tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County fans are subjected to treated to another California Dinner Party From Hell as Vicki Gunvalson and her husband Donn continue their marital implosion with a terribly awkward and vitriolic discussion about why they never had kids together.

Vicki reveals that she wanted to have three or four children with Donn, in addition to her son Michael and daughter Brianna from a previous marriage to Michael Wolfsmith. Donn suggests that he also wanted kids but the two were just scraping by for the first few years and then it just never seemed to happen. Here’s a preview clip of the dramatic awkwardness in which it is obvious that the animosity between Vicki and Donn has reached the point of no return:

Donn seemed a bit overly flabbergasted by the fact that Vicki would bring up the issue of not having kids, which made me think there might be more to the story than they were letting on – and that’s exactly what Vicki’s ex-husband Michael suggests on his blog!

Before I get into his claims, I should reveal that the things he says are on an embittered blog called “Conversations with Wolfy,” the sole purpose of which is to badmouth his ex-wife Vicki Gunvalson and expose her as a very unpleasant person. The blog consists of conversations between “Wolfy” (Michael) and “NiftyK” (His current wife Ellen) with links to anything and everything on the web that has something negative to say about Vicki. So, the source isn’t exactly The New York Times here. But, the things being said by Michael about Vicki are so defamatory that I would think Vicki would have unleashed the legal hounds by now if there wasn’t some truth to it. (Of course it could just mean Vicki doesn’t want to draw any attention to Michael or the blog.)

Anyways, here are some excerpts from Michael Wolfsmith’s blog which suggest Vicki had a long-term affair with Donn and that she was pregnant with Donn’s child prior to having a “procedure.”

From “Tramps and Stamps” on October 21, 2010
NK: She has a pic of Michael and Briana on facebook “MY Wonderful Kids!” Interesting, there’s just the two of them, didn’t Vicki make a trip to California after Briana was born? It was rumored she went to see Donn.
W: Yezz
NK: Didn’t she suddenly need a “Procedure” about 8 weeks later?
W: Yezz

And next Michael suggests Donn and Vicki were having an affair for seven years! (Vicki married Donn a year after divorcing Wolfsmith so there is a bit of complicated math involved)

From “Happy Halloween to all the Zombies out there.” on October 31, 2010
NK: So Vicki is divorcing Donn after sixteen years.
W: Don’t forget about the eight years she was seeing him on the side.

And here is more about “the procedure” from December:

From “Ho, Ho, Ho ! ! ! ! Donn!” on December 21, 2010
NK: Well he won’t have to pay CHILD SUPPORT! How old would their “Love Child” be now if she had not gotten rid of it? “Vicki the Christian“?
W: Well she went to visit him in California after Briana was born so, what , 21 ? He would be off the hook.
NK: You paid for that procedure, huh?
W: Oh yeah! She begged me not to tell our parents.

In April Michael talks about why Donn never adopted Michael and Brianna and having to pay for “the procedure.”

From “The Sweet Smell of Desperation” on April 9, 2011
W: Oh yeah! It’s ALL about control. When I stopped being her little “trained monkey” is when she seriously started “courting Donn”. She was interested in him from the moment she laid eyes on him, he was her boss at Home Depot and she saw her “ticket to riches” back then. Problem was , she was already married to me and her mom didn’t believe in divorce. Also I just bet Donn made it clear he didn’t want kids and JoAnn was always harping at Vicki to get pregnant.
NK: Yeowza!
W: Look at how she has managed to keep total control of Michael and Briana, completely excluding me and my family from their lives. I didn’t get the chance to raise my kids!
NK: You know there was some talk recently about Donn not adopting them.
W: I would NEVER have agreed to that. She was just throwing that in his face. In all this time he was not ALLOWED to develop a relationship with them, not that I care about him.

If you have the stomach for lots of vitriol and bitterness, there is a lot more on the blog. Personally I think it’s inflated spitefulness for the most part, trying to get some sort of official rise out of Vicki. But, after seeing the clip of Donn and Vicki talking about not having kids (as I mentioned earlier) I think there is something they’re not telling us.

  • nunya

    I actually read the whole blog a few days ago and it’s quite interesting to say the least. Yes I believe there’s a lot of spitefulness, but couple this blog up with the pictures of Vicki sitting on people’s laps and kissing men that aren’t Donn, and other things floating around on the web that are on sites like TMZ and such… I wouldn’t be so fast to dismiss these allegations.
    There are also e-mails from Vicki on there to her ex-husband numero uno.
    I like Vicki. All these things make me see her in a different light, but I still like her(I like how crazy she is).

    Oh, and there is also stuff on there about how she always claims to have been in an abusive relationship, but people made comment about how they were in an abusive relationship and how her behavior just doesn’t add up.

    Like I said, I like Vicki… and whether you like her or hate her, I think this blog is worth a read. The claims are just too crazy to just be made up.

  • couch potato

    they are if theyre made by an evil insecure bitch and a bitter ex husband!

    • hailey

      do you remember that Life&Style magazine interview with vicki? mike wolfsmith was contacted by them to get his side of the story and YES HE DID ADMIT he had bouts/problems with alcohol while they were still married. he did deny abusing her tho but abuse is a reletive word and anyone whos read his blog can plainly see this is mental and emotional abuse. and his wife/girlfriend niftyk/ellen isnt doing him any favors by drawing attention to his previous marriage. in fact, its HER comments that make him look like a bigger loser than vicki ever did. she accuses vicki of having his drivers license suspended for failure to pay michael and brianas child support. uh hello, it wouldnt have been suspended if he had been current. and had he not been delinquent with the support, he would have had EVERY legal right to be a part of his kids lives. vicki didnt stop him from seeing his children, HE DID by being a DEADBEAT DAD! ‘not buying this BS story at all’! if his own son calls him a loser and briana says she doesnt have a father, THERES A REASON FOR IT! what kind of a man lets his current woman refer to his kids as ‘pieces of shit’? A BITTER VENGEFUL LOSER THATS WHO!! the only thing niftyk and wolfy have accomplished with their slanderous website is to make themselves look like the crazy pieces of shit, not vicki. oh, and possibly alienate his children from his life forever but could you blame them? its HIS doing, NOT vickis! kinda sounds like mike wolfsmith and ellen are the evil narsiccists in all this. his marriage to vicki had been dead and buried for 16+ years, get over it already and MOVE ON!!! must be lot of bitterness and resentment still there if a little interview with a stupid magazine can incite 2 ppl to open a website and rehash the past from a bias 1-sided point of view. as if ppl with a life really give a sh*t!!! NORMAL ppl dont do things like that

  • wolfy

    If you had taken a moment to read the WHOLE thing you would know this blog was started as rebuttal to all the garbage Vicki has been spewing about me since she got on this show. Am I supposed to sit idly by and continue to let her label me as a skirt-chasing, titty-bar hopping, alcoholic, deadbeat who never supported his children like you-all want to believe? Inflated spitefulness? You must not have had children ripped away from you or a spouse that completely betrayed you to anyone who would believe them? It is ok for people to judge her and say terrible things about her yet know only what the editors allow them to see and I, who have suffered in silence for many years seem overly malicious? Interesting.

    • tim

      wow dude, youre really f**ked in the head arent you?!!!!

    • casey74

      By law she couldnt have taken them out of the state without your consent.

  • wolfy

    Hey Wolfy! You forgot to mention you have not remarried to any evil insecure bitches or anyone else for that matter

    • dana

      so you and niftyk ARENT married? what does that make her then, your “significant other”?!!!!!!

      • dana

        aw mr moderator, you changed the U in significant to an A 🙁 not funny now

  • bill
  • Margie

    Uh, unless there is a legal reason for it Vicki would have had no way to keep you from seeing your children…did you not have visitation rights after your divorce from Vicki? Sure, she probably should not have moved them to California but you could have moved out there yourself if you really wanted to have easier access to your kids. Seems she went seeking opportunity and a fresh start, good for her. No man with legal access to his children can bitch about having them “ripped” from him. Bullshit!!! Wild horses couldn’t have kept me from my own had I been in your shoes. Loser. I see why she left you. Discussing a “procedure” as you do is low and beneath contempt. And it shows little regard for Michael and Brianna, you lowlife…

  • shawn

    right on Margie, excellent comment!!! i can see youre not fooled either by that load of toxic bullshit theyre trying to sell. and it doesnt take a law degree to know if youre current with your child support, then you have every legal right to see your children! but apparently he wasnt since his g/f niftyk says “vicki” had his drivers license suspended because of it 🙂 im pretty sure she meant to say a “court of law” but the entire blog is so poorly written, its no wonder ppl find it laughable and beneath contempt. its the MOST CHILDISH thing i have EVER seen on the internet!!

  • willow

    I can see how michael says he wasnt allowed to see his children.when i was growing up my mother did everything she could to keep our father away from us he had to sneak around to see us.she would say he abused her and would get court orders against him and we were not allowed to be around him and this was in the 70’s. she was cruel we suffered alot of harm ,abuse anything you can imagine that you would never want your children to go through happened to me.I suffer every day because of that abuse.Sorry, I’m not trying to say Vicki is anything like this I’m jus trying to state the facts that things happen and it’s not always the fathers fault.I really liked Vicki alot until the ending of the show when she was being very disrispectful to Gretchen I stopped liking and respecting her..she is influenced too much by Tamra. and we see she doesnt make any good decisions .

  • TTE

    ok niftyk, we get it. just like your b/f wolfy, youre also the perpetual victim. whatever you have to tell yourselves to sleep through the night that works…. blah blah blah! and BTW, you might want to get that space bar of yours fixed, it gives you away every time, ie realitytea comments, TWoP forums, starcasm, well, the list is endless 🙂

  • vicki wins!!!

    congratulations vicki!!! your scummy ex husband and his disturbed g/f have taken down their website!!!! actually HER website since it was in HER name and she took full credit for it on her twitter page (which im sure will also be disappearing in the near future) what a shame 🙂 the handful of haters that actually followed that crap will be soooo disappointed! good riddance niftyk and wolfy, the worlds a better place now!!!

    • NoOneInHell

      LOL Congrats to Vicki? For what? The ex finally proving what we all know already?

  • TTE

    oh and dont forget the bravo boards(hi valley view)!! yeah the websites deleted but you havent heard the last of niftyk, shes like a bad smell, she doesnt go away. “maybe wolfy and donn will start a website”?!! what kind of dilusional fantasy land do you live in?!! yeah thatll happen!!! donn is everything wolfy IS NOT, classy, mature and attractive! keep pushin those legal limits and spreading your hatred around no matter how much of a hypocrite it makes you look like. ya gotta love the deadbeat dad similarities tho 🙂 whos the ‘vile’ ‘vapid’ woman whos ‘putting on airs’ now?! who even talks like that? oh thats right, ppl with small insecure minds trying to make themselves appear smarter and more relevant than what they actually are!