Whitney Thore has a secret sibling!

Does Whitney Way Thore have an older sibling by dad Glenn Thore to be featured on My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11?

Whitney Way Thore seemingly confirmed there will be a My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 11 when she recently revealed filming starts again in February. The potential new season comes as a surprise to many fans who thought the emotional Season 10 featuring the health issues surrounding Whitney’s mother, Barbara “Babs” Way Thore, was going to be the last. However, the potential new season makes A LOT of sense if you believe a new report just posted by a moderator of the My Big Fat Fabulous Life subreddit!

The bombshell tea comes from u/FaeryCourt, who has a history of sharing accurate information gathered from contact with numerous (former?) friends and family of Whitney.

“Here is the story as it was related to me by multiple [people],” FaeryCourt begins. “Before Glenn went to Vietnam, he was seeing a woman that became pregnant with his child. When he returned, Babs refused to allow him either contact with the mother and child OR financial support (at all).”

This is already huge news! But, it only gets more interesting:

The family, this past year, found out about the child, who is now grown and wants to get to know their father, Glenn. Because Babs is in rehab and Glenn has been reevaluating his life choices, esp where his children are concerned, it has become… not public knowledge, but the entire family is aware of it.

Whitney was reportedly NOT HAPPY about having another sibling, and is described as “having a tantrum and wanted nothing to do with her new/older sibling.” Whitney “was especially upset over whether this sibling would be included in the will of Glenn.” (It’s seemingly revealed in the reddit post comments that the mystery sibling is male. That is included at the bottom of this article.)

FaeryCourt reveals that fan’s assumptions about My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 being the show’s last were correct — initially. When the new sibling surfaced, TLC reportedly changed their mind and wanted to bring the show back.

The mother and Whitney’s reported half sibling wanted nothing to do with the show. “TLC offered money, then more money, then a ridiculous amount of money if they would only go public (and, only on TLC) with their family heartache,” FaeryCourt says.

As stated previously, Whitney was reportedly averse to having anything to do with her sibling, but Glenn was reportedly open to filming the story line. Eventually, TLC was allegedly able to offer an amount that the mother and sibling were allegedly happy with, at which point Whitney reportedly agreed — but with stipulations.

Whitney, according to MULTIPLE family members, told the sibling that the only way SHE (Whitney) will ALLOW this person into Glenn’s life is

1) if they were to go along with her reality show and

2) make no demands when Glenn and Babs pass on against “Whitney’s” (Glenn and Babs’) estate.

FaeryCourt concludes the post by iterating the claim that there are many people close to Whitney who ARE NOT happy with how poorly she treats people and how that isn’t represented on the show. Here is the full post:

Ok, here it goes…next season’s exploitation
byu/FaeryCourt inMyBigFatFabulousLife

In addition to the post, FaeryCourt also responded to comments. One redditor asked for clarification on the other family’s participation in the show. “I don’t know if the son’s entire family is under contract,” FaeryCourt replied, “but at least three are, with NDAs in place.”

You will notice that FaeryCourt refers the child as a son, seemingly revealing that Whitney’s half sibling is an older brother.

Another redditor asked if FaeryCourt was related to Whitney.

Not related at all. There are many ppl (more than I originally thought) that are either family members, old schoolmates, friends, past and current cast as well as crew that frequent our sub. The information I have posted comes from them. As of yet, everything I have been told has been confirmed by multiple ppl and has never been false. These ppl [don’t] gaf about having IG or Twitter followers, they simply are sick of ppl believing Whit’s lies. Of which she seems to have a neverending supply.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Way Thore's dad Glenn Thore with his girlfriend Keiko in Japan

Did Glenn Thore and Keiko have a child?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers will likely recall that Glenn has an ex named Keiko that Babs has a particular dislike for. During MBFFL Season 5, the Thore family took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate Glenn and Bab’s 40th wedding anniversary. During a lunch at a tiki-themed restaurant, the topic of Keiko came up.

“Keiko was Glenn’s girlfriend when he was in the Marines in Japan, and I guess that I just have never been able to get over that,” Babs said in a confessional.

“Babs seems to be a bit jealous of Keiko,” Glenn said in his own confessional, “and I’m not sure why because I’ve been hers for 40 years.”

Never getting over an ex-girlfriend of your husband of 40 years seems petty, even for Babs, but it would CERTAINLY make more sense if Glenn and Keiko had a child together!

If you are curious about the timeline, Glenn and Babs were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in 2017, which would mean they got married in 1977 when Glenn was roughly 31. I’m not sure how long they dated, or what years Glenn was in Japan, but it seems safe to assume that if Whitney has a mystery sibling, he would be between 47 and 57 years old.

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