PHOTOS Katy Perry wears Man Ray “Le violin de Ingres” dress to Logie Awards

Katy Perry wears a Man Ray Le violin de Ingres print dress to the Logie Awards

Katy Perry literally wore a surreal outfit to Autralia’s Logie Awards last night as she turned heads in a emerald green gown with a life-sized print of Man Ray’s photograph “Le Violon d’Ingres” (Ingres’s Violin) featuring a nude woman’s backside transformed into a musical instrument with two simple F-hole brush strokes.

You can see the original photograph, currently owned by The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, at

Normally I’m a big fan of Katy Perry because of her almost confectionarily sweet and fun take on fashion, in stark contrast to the heavily artistic fashion statements of Lady Gaga – which I also admire! The two are usually like different courses of a meal. Gaga is the main course and Katy is dessert. And like most folks, if health issues were not a concern, I would just as soon have dessert every day all day!

But alas, with this brain-titillating ensemble Katy has essentially invented some sort of meat pudding! Expecting visual dessert we are tricked into sinking our teeth into a thick slab of commentary on women as objects. Ah, but with Katy’s delightful countenance and vivaciousness it still tastes sweet to me! Well played, KP.

Katy Perry makes a funny face in her Man Ray print dress at the 2011 Logie Awards in Australia

The Logie Awards are the Australian television industry awards and Katy performed an epic, orchestral version of her hit song “Firework:”

****Just in case there are any devout Dadaists left out there, it would have perhaps been more accurate to start this post out by stating, “Katy Perry literally wore a Dadaist outfit to Autralia’s Logie Awards last night…” but it would have defeated the purpose of using the word “literally” to set it up. (Which would have brought joy to the devotees because everybody knows how much those Dadaists love defeating the purpose of things!)

Oh, and for the record, this may be the only celebrity blog in history that used the phrase “woman’s naked backside” and the term “F-holes” without being nasty. Once again, I give the credit to Katy Perry! (See mom, that art major wasn’t completely wasted!)

UPDATE – Here’s a pretty rough video of Katy Perry from the red carpet at the Logie Awards being her candid self:


UPDATE – Here are a couple more photos of Katy Perry at the Logie Awards from WENN:

Katy Perry on the red carpet at the 2011 Logie Awards in a Man Ray print dress

Katy Perry in her Man Ray "Ingres's Violin" print dress at the 2011 Logie Awards