Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Houska’s roommate Megan Nelson is pregnant and no longer friends with Chelsea

UPDATE – Megan and Chelsea are friends again! Catch up on all the Megan Nelson news, including some serious Facebook fan drama, HERE!

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska’s roommate Megan Nelson is no longer speaking to Chelsea, and is now pregnant!

Megan moved in with Chelsea at the beginning of the season airing now into an apartment paid for by Chelsea’s dad. That’s a little moochy, but Megan did seem to be really hands-on with Chelsea’s baby Aubrey, and didn’t let things like explosive baby poop faze her.

Maybe she just considered it training, because now she’s knocked up by a guy she’d only known for a few months! Not only that, but as of a couple of weeks ago she was on the outs with Chelsea.

According to Megan’s formspring account she moved in with Cody to prepare for the birth of their baby. Here’s what she had to say about her pregnancy:

Chelsea Houska roommate Megan Nelson talks about getting pregnant on Formspring

The new couple even took an awkward family photo with Santa Claus this Christmas.

You know what they say: the family that takes awkward photos together, stays together. Megan is reportedly due July 7.

  • Sierra

    She is so stupid , she did it on purpose!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid dumb wan a be Chelsea and Im mad at Chelsea 4 getting back with Adam but if he can change I believe in him!!!!

    • alley

      i dont think she did it for publicitlity realll but tht my opinion

      • sierra

        She did because she got baby baby fever …. But we are all entilteled to our own opinion …Sorry if i spelt some things wrong Im only 15 πŸ™‚

        • Well i like Megan, why hate? It’s not like you even know her. congrats girl and hope everything goes greaaat (:

        • Marian

          You think because you’re 15 you shouldn’t know how to spell? My 12 year old daughter can spell and write coherent and engaging stories/ essays. After perusing the comments here, I gather that you and your ilk do not do very well in school. I can see I’m going to end up supporting most of you with my taxes.

  • Malinda

    Is chelsea’s dad married. Some things say he is divorsed and some say his wife. If he is married why isn’t his wife ever shown?

    • elisabeth

      no hes divorcd. they even say in the show

      • Morgan

        HAHAHAHAHAHAH wtf is that dumb bitch wearing? nice shirt..and uh nice pears LOL. wow she looks like a 60 year old woman. just sayin

        • Kaylee Todd

          I think her shirt is gourgeous! Megan is a very gourgeous girl herself! I think your just jealous that you are not as pretty as her. I hate when people judge a book by their cover……try taking a walk in her shoes for a day! Grow up Morgan and stop judging people before you actually know them!!!!!!! Thanks and have a great day!

          • Hayley

            i agree with kaylee the shirt is beautiful and so is she

        • MeyganAnne

          morgan what are you, like 7? Can you tell me why youre judging her by what you THINK you know? is that really okay to do? judging somebody by their apperance, what you hear is NEVER okay, youre probably feeling pretty big and ontop right now; well guess what nobodys looking up to you, youre the kind of girl people cant bare to think about because youre so negative and down graded its actually sad, you need learn respect little girl! keep your drama filled bullshit to yourself. nobody wants to hear it. personally i dont judge by looks, by what i hear i judge by what i know, and judging from what ive read your very self centered and dont kow how to show true respect other wise you would have been the adult and kept your mouth shut. take my advice, RESPECT find it, learn it, live LOVE IT; trustme youre life will be way better, get that through your damn head sweetie! β™₯Megans geogous, ganna have a geogrous baby and be a GRETA mommy. plus her shirt is classy and adorable!

    • randy is re married but his wife has asked to not be on the show.

  • jalissa

    Megan why aren’t u and chelsea speaking?

  • elisabeth

    i cant believe this! megan u just did it for the publicity and of course it was planned!! chelsea- im so happy u got back with adam u 2 are soo cute! hope all things go well. and again megan- seriously? u selfish ugly fake b*tch!!!!!

    • MeyganAnne

      Hah; wow Elisabeth; youre so immature, grow the hell up, why do you think its okay to speak to someone you dont know with disrespect, how big do you feel? Well i dont judge by appearance, what i hear, i judge by what i know, and judging from what i just read youre so hidious inside, and you will say more negative things against other people to make youre self look big when really you look really down graded. Now before you want to judge on all the lies and bull shi youve heard, theirs a thing call respect, find it, learn it, live it and love it, get that through your damn head sweetie. — Megan, IS georgous, going to have a georgous non-planned baby, and be a GREAT mother and will always be on top of you low selffish smack talkers. Congrats girl! β™₯

  • sierra

    There not talking because , megan didn’t want chelsea to get back with adam and she did , and yes megan is a stupid dumb b**** , she did it for the publicity !!!!!!!!

  • diane

    Why is everyone saying she did this on purpose and that it is for publicity?

    • sierra

      Bc she did do it for the entertainment

      • Collin

        Sierra, grow up, how old are you? and your speech? quit talking like that, you dirty little hamster. Im a guy and a BIG ASS turn off on a girl is them swearing and calling other girls out when theyre beautiful like her. my gf is prego , oh wait now u prolly think she did it cuz chelsea did right? damn bitch ur f**kin insane . wow youre like angelina from jersey shore. hah how big do you feel,

        • sierra

          Ok look Collin Im 15 and all I said was she did it for the entertainment she is an 18 year old girl who is ruining her life for not going to get an education OK …And congratulations to your girlfriend , Never said she would do it because chelsea did it! And whats wrong with my speech its perfectly fine!!!! And oh my speech your talking like my 4 year old niece hahaha!! Who feels dumb now!! And yes Megan is VERY BEAUTIFUL!! But she is going to ruin her life with having a baby and NO college degree!! So before you go hating on me for something I said rethink about life and what it has one to all these other teen moms!! And Im NOT a dirty little hamster!! GROW UP!!

    • Keisha

      Of course she did! c’mon now your room mate a full time mom. Constantly changing diapers, etc… living with her would make me wanna strap up but then again she sees hows she getting paid from being on Tv.Just saying…

      • Alexis

        you dont get aid from being on the show sweetie, good theory though(:

    • Jenni

      Because pregnancy is extremely easy to prevent. If she didn’t want to get pregnant, she wouldn’t have, unless she’s a complete idiot. And I think at her age, and especially after living with a teenage mom, she would know how to prevent pregnancy, so definitely she did it on purpose!

  • *KATE*

    Move over Megan! You’re not even on the show, your just a friend-and no your not cooler! For season 3 TEEN MOM you might want to contact MTV and try out like the other girls did, and not MOOCH OFF of Chelsea. Hey girl your solo now… good for you!

    • cutiepie

      shut ur big mouth u dont kno nothin!!!!!!

    • Lashonda Prince

      For one I’m disgusted how girls and yes girls, come to the conclusion megan got pregnant to get on teen mom ,most women don’t get knocked up to be on tv , and to make sense of it all her friend is a bitch with low self esteem , she was a true friend to chelsea and how is she repaid by her friends man kicking her out,that’s stupid and crazy she stood by chelsea when he dogged her out, she help take care of his son when he was cheating and playing with his car, and now yall girls cause u are not women judge megan it shows how ignorant u are plus who would want to be your friend ,it shows that just like chelsea u a female who will back your man no matter who he dogs your family friends men come and go true friends and family will always be there consider that a tip, so when u have a true friend u no how to treat one

      • jen

        you guys really piss me off you know she is no longer a teen she is a grown f**king women so what if it was planned she doesnt want her own show how could you just believe rumors on the internet about god and everyone hell if i say Brittany spears was prego you would most likly go look it up on google or some shit! get a life

  • Keisha

    Dont get me wrong I do watch Teen mom but I do believe that girls are wanting to get pregnant on purpose just to be on the show and racking up the dough..lol Seriously these girls become overnight celebrities with this show. After while you honestly don’t feel sorry for them cause there obviously not struggling cause MTV is paying them well to be on tv. Theres real single parent teen moms out there struggling to hold up a job to provide for their children. And is it just me but did yall all notice that these girls were all sporting new COACH bags. Like Chelesa for instance. It must be nice to be a single parent and daddy paying for your rent on your house in exchange to get your G.E.D…MUST BE NICE!

  • Keisha

    MTV probably already taping her for the next esp. of 16 and pregnant…she’ll be getting her PHAT check in the mail soon!! lol

    • sierra

      I agree she will be getting it soon!!!

  • sierra

    stupid dummmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! copy cater

  • doreen

    when are you due?

  • Lil momma

    I don’t think Megan did this on purpose..who knows though. I believe the Show does glorify teen pregnancy… And does anybody even know how old she is? I’m not a die hard fan here.. But she may be too old. I don’t think she’s young enuf..or maybe her fake tan and all that makes her look way old

  • crazybeautiful55

    Congrats Megan!! & don’t you think if she did this “on purpose”he would have done it a while ago…taping for Teen Mom 2 ended a while ago. It’s sad her & Chelsea aren’t talking but do you blame her? Chelsea her “best friend” wouldn’t even stand up for her & sure didn’t go against Adam telling her to have her move out. Megan was a great friend to Chelsea, hell she was practically Aubrey’s 2nd mom. She was there for Chelsea & helped her out when Adam wasn’t and stood up for Chelsea and Aubrey. Its totally understandable why she doesn’t like Adam…look at what he’s done over and over not only to Chelsea but to Aubrey…calling her a mistake, not being around for months. Yea, he may not have done anything directly to her…but he hurt her best friend and it takes a real friend to stand up for and try to protect you like that. Just saying….

    • cutiepie

      ur rite chelsea iz a big B****.she acts like adam iz gonna really leave her and thats stoopid. adam iz a bigger D*** 4 telling her 2 move out.he wouldnt b there if it wasnt 4 her.!!!!!megan congrats!
      adam and chelsea i hope u2 break up!

  • Maurica

    Why are all of you guys ragging on Megan and Chelsea? Yeah, I also think that it was WAY stupid of Chelsea to get back with Adam, but its her life and you need to make and learn from your own mistakes! And Megan, you dont know if she got pregnant on purpose. And if she did, then well…she may not make the next Teen Mom show and she will realize how hard being a single parent really is! I think all of you haters need to look at the stories from both points of view before you go and start hating on these girls! Everyone makes mistakes, including you guys!

    • sierra

      Because we haterz! Got a problem with it , if you do then get off the site!!!!! And because every time chelsea would be like hey Megan will you ..before she even got to finish the sentence Megan would be like yes ill watch aubree! ok so pay attention to the show and maybe you will notice that she got baby fever so …WHO DA HATER NOW U LMFAO!!!! Bye hater….You a hater 4 haten on us haterz <3 lol bye

  • Sabra

    I can’t get past the super tacky hairstyle. Where I live, you only see old ladies with big pouf hair and the horrendous blouses like that. And Chelsea’s hair is just as bad. Is South Dakota stuck in some kind of effed up fashion time warp?

  • Sabra

    By the way, the article has it WRONG, Chelsea and Megan didn’t live in an apt, they lived in a HOUSE.

    Did you bother to watch the show at all?

  • Cassidy

    OH MY GOD!! That’s the SAME Santa my daughter had her Christmas picture taken with! In the Sioux Falls Mall! He was a crab ass because my daughter pulled on his beard, lol. But hey, she was only 6 months!

  • Brittany

    I think that megan getting pregnant might have been a good thing she seems good with children because she took good care of Aubrey. πŸ™‚ Hope she does good. πŸ™‚

  • Jeff

    I think it is an absolute disgrace to our society that we be showing all these teen’s getting pregnant. Our country is screwed up enough, theres no need to celebrate on a tv show pretty much telling these teenagers that its ok to get knocked up.

  • Chelsea

    Pretty sure Megan is an adult. If she wants to f**k up her life, that’s HER choice. And it’s funny how lots of people are hating on her, yet they take the time to type sh** about her… You guys are sitting here saying she did it for publicity, yet you guys are feeding the fire by making a big deal about it. If it was anyone else, you all wouldn’t care. It’s her life, let her live it.



  • veronica

    Congrat. Megan u will b a good mom

  • candace

    You say it wasn’t “planned” but i bet you didn’t use a condom. Which means it’s kind of on purpose. You’re a smart one aye?

  • candace

    I’m pretty sure she isn’t an adult if she is having an “un-planned” baby. Adults think things through and think about the consequences. She did not.

  • Robin

    Isn’t anyone thinking of the baby? Does Megan even have a job to support this child?

  • Rosa

    Hey, Megan you are so pretty!!! Anyways don’t listen to what these negative peoples gotta say to you……..There just jealous lol. I hoped you and Chelsea become great friends again. You guys were great buds and now that you having a baby you need to be close to her. One for sure is that she needs you. You are a great person to support her. Even though she messed up by picking Adam….you know she had to give it at least another chance to see if it worked and beside it was her baby’s daddy. You gotta understand that. But what pist me off was that she didn’t backed you up. Anywaz, forget that drama and get back with your best friend and celebrate that great celebration of you becoming a Mommy!! Congrats by the Way. I wish me and you and Chelsea can become friends. Well Take care Hun and don’t let that hate get to you by these people talking bad about you……..beside what you should do is just make a big laugh about it!!! Piece πŸ™‚

  • Rosa

    I been reading all these comments about Megan getting publicity……well if she does great for her I will damn watch the show cuz I like the girl… shes pretty awesome. Also, We are not celebrating about these girls having baby’s…. I think its great that they make shows like this so teens can understand that its not easy to be a mom at an early stage. However, if they get knocked up then they should deal with the consequences. If Megan did it on purpose or not to get pregnant then that’s her business. Leave her alone.Don’t be jealous!!! If you guys don’t like me telling you the truth then mind your own business and take care of your own. Love you Megan!!! Bye Peeps

  • Sierra

    Megan is an adult. Whether you agree or disagree with her decisions is up to you. The consequence of being a mother lay with her. Hopefully, she’s learned from the mistakes that she’s seen her own friend make. She’s young and this baby isn’t asking to be born. She’s probably not doing it for publicity; she would have stayed friends w/ Chelsea or stayed in that house if that were the case. A lot of sacrifices will have to be made in her life but that’s HER life…

  • Ashley

    I think its funny how you can sit here and rag on someone you just see on t.v. It shows how judgemental the U.S is. Im 17 and pregnant what are you going to say about that. Im engaged and had the ring before I was pregnant and been together 2 1/2 yrs. Megan stood by Chelsea and Chelsea betrayed her after everything she done. Who cares if she is pregnant. I bet half of the girls on here talking down is having sex. Guess what condoms and birth control doesnt always work because I used both. Planned or not she is pregnant its done and over with.

  • Ashley

    And I have done graduated high school and I have a CNA already. My parents dont pay my bills I pay them. They didnt buy my car or phone or nothing I did. Some teens have a better head on their shoulders than adults do.

  • sierra

    Ok to all the people who keep thinking that Im such a bad person because I don’t think she made the right decision!! Yes I think she is very beautiful and i love her..But I think she made a bad decision with not waiting till she was married with money and a car and a husband and a house, The stuff she will need and a job , she wont make a lot with a high school degree ..Trust me Ive seen my mom go through it all the time!! So yes Im speaking the truth and she probly did it for all the money and stuff that chelsea has …But thats my opinion!!


    First of all Megan did get pregnant on purpose.. she admitted it on E, shee wanted more entertainment n sh-t, welp she’s preggo now, i guess she got it :p LOL …She knew what she was doing, come on now Megan is NOT dumb, she was having unprotected sex, she knew the consequences. Go on MTV and watch the online exclusive between her an Chelsea talking, she was SINGLE and that was taped AUG. 2010 … Obviosly she got “knocked up” in OCT. if shes due in July.

  • Ashley

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is raised a different way. My mom has 4 kids and only has a high school degree and had the 1st still in high school. She later got married to him and had the rest. She could have gotten pregnant on purpose now she has to deal with it as long as the child is taken care of it doesnt matter what she did. Its done and over with. Like I said before Im 17 engaged and pregnant and my parents dont pay for anything I do. It all depends on how your raised and how you handle life in tough situations.

  • Kaytelynne

    I think your all gay. Leave Megan alone. It’s her life. Let her do what she wants, it’s really non of our buisness. Geesh.

  • Isabella

    Megan is amazingly gorgeous! i think that baby will be the prettiest baby ever! Congrats! πŸ™‚

  • Haters gonna hate…. congrats!

  • Victoria

    How is megan stupid? Honestly, I think she is amazing and totally responsible. Who cares if she’s pregnant? I don’t even know who she is and I’m pretty happy for her. She will be a great mum. if anyone payed attention on Teen mom2, She was so great with aubree.

    And for Chelsea getting back together with Adam, She is a stupid girl. How can she take him back after all he put her through? If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasnt meant to be. I know how hard she wishes her family was whole, but why bother when he cheats? In the end it’s her choice..sadly.

  • Hi

    i think that both chelsea and megan are makking bad discissioons.. for chelsea to be going back with adam all the time even know they fight and know that it is a bad thing for the baby they still keep going on.. and in the same case megan to me is just going in too deep but its her discissions.. youd think that she woukd see the issues that chelsea had to go through and learn that maybe you should have a stable home and family before having kids.. this may sound rude.. but i think this is just for attention and that megan will suck in all she can get from chelsea off of teen mom.. yeah chelsea was in teen mom and is potentially ‘famous’ but you were the roomate which made you ‘famous’ but it just seems like everything is going by so fast between the both of you. anyways ! CONGRATS to both of you and best if luck πŸ™‚

  • i think it’s funny how she got pregnant R I G H T after the show…like obviously she wanted popularity she’s obviously jealous of chelsea and how much fame she got off of teen mom so i’m pretty sure megan is hoping for a spot on teen mom 3 aha don’t know how far that’s ginna go for yaaa.

  • wow…. all of you saying mean things about megan needs to stop, shes pregnant big f**king deal, im pregnant and did i do it for publicity?, NO!!, was mine planned out?, NO!! stop saying she did, plus she graduated at least she finished school. someone needs to knock some since into ya’ll and grow up stop saying shit about someone because there pregnant.. stop with all the stupid comments, what are you guys like 5 seriously… stop.

  • chelsea


  • sisi

    what is ur prob?!? i think u got preggos just to compete with chelsea!

  • AD

    What in the world r u talking about “sisi” she never acted jealous of Chelsea on the phone so why would she do that just to compete? Your obviously a TAD immature! These things happen all the time my husband and I dated for 4 mts n I got pregnant ON BIRTH CONTROL! Pregnancies are all in gods plans this is in his hands NOT ours!
    Congrats Meagan!

    • AD

      Show** not phone lmao

  • Tessa

    im confused i thought her and chelsea arnt roommates after adam moved in season 1 and i never heard that she stole id belive it at all

  • Tessa

    im confused i thought her and chelsea arnt roommates after adam moved in season 1 and i never heard that she stole id belive it at all and i also thought they were friends

  • Laina

    I Think It’s Kinda Neat That Meagans Pregnant.
    But If She Says She Did’nt Do It On Purpose, I Believe
    That She Did’nt.
    Cuz I Know From Experience That It’s Something That Can Happen
    Very Easily

  • Cheyenne

    Im excited 4 her!!

  • Kali Muentener

    As soon as I seen Megan I loved her haha
    You and Chelsea are so beautiful
    And once I heard you were prego.
    I was so happy for you.
    You two are my favorite… =)

  • Abigail

    WOW! When i was pregnant i didnt show until i was 26 weeks. And shes showing at 16. I did get huge though. Went from a tadpole to a balloon. Congrats though!!!! and i saw him a on FB he is a handsome guy,

  • Stefy

    Not to be mean but MTV is going to keep making these shows and more TEEN GURLS are going to get pregoo…Come one when is this going to STOP!!!
    I love Teen mom and Teen mom 2 but when are they going to STOP making new 16 and Pregnant??
    That is what I want to now??

  • Baby Daniels