VIDEO Leah Messer sort of discusses marriage on Dr. Oz

Teen Mom Leah Messer on the set of Dr. Oz

It’s becoming more apparent that we might have to have to wait until season 2 of Teen mom 2 to find out the particulars of Leah Messer and Corey Simms relationship.

Leah taped an appearance for Dr. Oz and the press release info for the show stated that the moms would be talking candidly about their current lives and baby-daddys.  This got me a little excited in anticipation that Leah might give us all some insight into what has happened between her and Corey and if there’s hope for a reconciliation.  Here’s a brief teaser video out for the show in which Leah does discuss her relationship (sort of):

Dr. Oz Leah how’s it going for you?

Leah It’s going pretty good.  There’s a lot of struggles in a relationship when you have kids.

Dr. Oz There have been reports in the media that you’re going to get separated.  You struggle with that?  I think a lot of young families do.

Leah Yeah I think that puts a lot of stress on a relationship as well.

I guess that’s why they call these clips “teasers.”  At the end there I think Leah is stating that the media puts a lot of stress on a relationship while Dr. Oz was asking about the two separating.

UPDATE: There was a report in US Weekly from a person in the audience who said that although Leah didn’t discuss her relationship with Corey very much (contract with MTV?) during the taping of the show she did say that seeing the word “divorce” “hurt a lot.” Three days after the taping, she was seen tearfully moving out from the trailer she shared with Corey.

Oh, and there was one other thing about that clip that I’m sure you Teen Mom readers noticed (if they haven’t changed it yet).  The Dr. Oz folks made a boo-boo and used the name “Maci Bookman” for Maci Bookout’s graphic.  When we slip up you guys are on it so here ya go!

Dr. Oz graphic mistake calling Teen Mom Maci Bookout Maci Bookman
My photo caption: “Don’t call my momma Bookman doc!”

Top Photo: Sony Pictures TV/Splash News