VIDEO Lisa Vanderpump in a 1980s Hamlet cigar commercial

Lisa Vanderpump from a 1980s Hamlet cigar commercial

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump was having issues with the men in her life losing their hair long before Giggy went from being a little dog to a little bare!

Check out this Hamlet cigar commercial from the 1980s starring Lisa as an aggressively affectionate hottie on a date with Artie from The Sopranos who compensates for his lack of hair by puffing on large phallic tobacco sticks:

No, that’s not actually Artie from The Sopranos, but that is actually Lisa Vanderpump because she tweeted this response to Wet Paint posting the video yesterday:

Oh my god I look twelve…thanks wet paint

I’m thinking Lisa and Giggy should revisit this concept and start marketing their own brand of “Giggars!”

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