THE CHALLENGE Tony Raines: Javi is ‘3rd guy in a year’ Madison’s introduced to their daughter

Who is Javi dating

Last week, it was a confirmed that Javi Marroquin is dating fellow MTV reality star Madison Walls. The two connected via social media and are now a hot item.

According to the couple, their exes, Kailyn Lowry and Tony Raines, are supportive of Javi and Madison’s new relationship.

However, Tony recently opened up about his ex moving on with Javi and claims he was in the dark when it came to their relationship.

According to E!, Tony thought Madison’s relationship with Javi was “purely platonic” and didn’t find out they were dating until the news broke last week.

Tony and Harper

“I’ve seen Javi a few times on the show and as far as I can tell, you know, he’s a military guy and that’s awesome,” he said. “I see how he is with his children and that’s very commendable.”

“I’m pretty excited for Madison,” he continued. “I think she deserves a good guy and happiness and all that good stuff. I think with this the sky is the limit for them.”

Since Javi is a big part of the Teen Mom 2 storyline, many have wondered if his new relationship with Madison will be documented for the show.

When questioned how he feels about seeing his daughter on TV, Tony became defensive.

“If I have to see another guy potentially help raise my daughter and it’s on TV, it’s in the public eye, I don’t know how I’m going to feel about that,” he admitted.

“They call it reality television for a reason!” Tony said. “It’s no make believe… He might come home from work and pick her up and it’s filmed, and he’s picking her up in the air and he goes to kiss her—I’m like, ‘Whoa, man.’ I might jump through the screen!”

Tony and Alyssa ^^^Tony with his girlfriend, Alyssa, and their daughter Isla Rose

Another concern Tony addressed was Harper meeting yet another one of Madison’s boyfriends. “This will be the third guy that Madison has introduced to Harper within a year… I’m her dad so we’ve got to talk about this.”

Previously, Madison admitted she was looking forward to Javi meeting her daughter. “I’m really excited for him to come to Austin next month. I’m going to introduce him to my friends and family and Harper,” she gushed.

Javi, on the other hand, seemed to be more reluctant. “I haven’t introduced [Madison] to Lincoln yet. I learned from my past mistakes where I introduced him way too early on in a relationship, so now I know better,” Javi explained.

If you don’t remember much about Madison from her time on the Real World Skeletons, check out this clip.

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  • bambiglanville

    Maybe she is introducing him to her daughter a little early. Now she’s not exactlymold enough to remember who he is if it doesn’t last long. But tony has no right to speak on how many guys she’s dated in a year when he was filmed cheating on her (and that was just what was shown on TV)

    • TA

      I agree he shouldn’t speak on how many guys she’s dated, but I will side with him on how many are introduced to his daughter. Their child is young now, but I can speak from personal experience on how stressful it is to a child to have different boyfriends coming and going from your life because your Mom is a serial dater. It’s never a good idea to involve children unless and until the relationship will be long term and stable.

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      • savannah

        Totally agree. There is no denying that Tony is a POS boyfriend, and a total sleaze, but he does have the right to question who is meeting his daughter. I know from what social media has shown, he is not a deadbeat Dad. He spends time with Harper, and therefore I think he has a right to have a say in how she is parented. Meeting 3 different guys in one year is a lot. Luckily she’s young now…but it won’t show a good pattern for her if it continues.

  • FYO

    This kid better learn to keep his jealousy and insecurity in check. The only reason he should feel threatened by another male figure in his daughters life is if he’s not doing a good job being her dad.