Report: Kail Lowry is expecting baby #2 with husband Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin

Kail Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin have been teasing big news for weeks now and at one point, Javi even said that his family was expanding. Fans guessed that they may be having a baby but since Javi was away at Air Force training for three months, it didn’t seem possible. Then, earlier this morning, Kail’s sister-in-law Lidia Marroquin stated that Kail is pregnant with her second child.

“They’re overjoyed! When Kailyn told Javi, he cried,” Lidia reveals to In Touch Weekly. Kail and Javi weren’t exactly planning a pregnancy, “they weren’t preventing it, either,” a friend adds. “They’re nervous about the transition to two children, but are so excited!” Kail already has three-year-old son Isaac from her previous relationship with Jo Rivera.

Kail Lowry Javi Marroquin Isaac

Currently, Kail is working as a dental assistant and soon, she and Javi will be relocating to wherever he is stationed in the Air Force. Some reports have already claimed that they will head to Florida, but neither has confirmed the report.

Kail turned 21 earlier this month but to fans, she’s still a Teen Mom and that could mean that this pregnancy news may result in some fan backlash. However, Kail is working, married, and stable so there’s no reason why she should wait to expand her family. “She’ll forever be 16 in America’s eyes,” Kail’s friend explains. “But she’s not a little girl anymore — she really feels like her life is just beginning.”

Kail and Javi recently revealed that they are having to post-pone their fall wedding because of money issues, but we can’t help but wonder if this pregnancy was the real reason — or at least an additional one.

So far, Kail and Javi haven’t commented on the story.

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