Kylie and Kendall Jenner dropped out of school

Okay, not completely, but the two youngest Kardashians Jenners, have stopped attending high school so they can have more time to develop their brands. They will still be home schooled, so don’t worry about them not learning trigonometry.

Kylie (15) and Kendall (16) Jenner won’t be attending Sierra Canyon High School this year so they can do fab magazine spreads and Kendall can pursue acting with a role on Hawaii 5-0. Not only that, but the two girls are getting bigger and bigger storylines on their family’s “reality” show.

Last year the girls talked to Celebuzz about how much they liked going to school because it helped separate them from their celeb lives, but it looks like they’ve now changed their feelings.

Last year:


Kylie: If we didn’t go to school it would be hard, but school brings us back.
Kendall: And we love going to school! We really do. We love being able to have that aspect still in our lives. It’s like being Hannah Montana and living two lives! We love it, and we love being able to have our friends. It is a little weird sometimes, especially when they come up to us, like our friends at school don’t expect us to be like that.

The teenage girls’ issues with school was the subject of a recent KUWTK episode when Kylie admitted that school felt overwhelming and gave her panic attacks. They talked with their parents about letting them quit school and learn at home at their own pace, and now it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. Kendall even tweeted about being homeschooled this July, but has since deleted the tweet.

Do you think it’s wise for the girls to quit regular school to pursue their careers?

  • Ashley

    Somehow I don’t see this as being a good idea for their well being.

  • Brittany

    Why not address the panic attacks? Taking her out of school is not going to help them. There’s a reason for them and if it is not addressed it’s not going to matter if they take her out of regular school or not. They’re just sticking a band-aid on the problem.

  • Ellen

    not surprising. the Kardashians/Jenners are all about producing worthless females to feed on society.

  • Youknowitstrue

    I wouldn’t be surprised if years down the road allegations arose ala Jackson family history.

  • i dont see why its not a good idea…they are still learning. Home school isnt terrible

  • derp

    Yeah, and? Every single one of the Kardashians probably has enough money by now that they’d never have to work another day in their life anyway.

  • derp

    Yeah, and? Every single one of the Kardashians probably has enough money by now that they’d never have to work another day in their life anyway.

  • MM

    Here I thought getting an education was privilege. Silly me!

  • Bruce Jenner must be so proud of his uneducated ho’s.

  • erica714

    These girls are spoiled rotten and should be in school. Where is their father in all of this? From what I’ve seen of them on their alleged “show”, they are not the brightest kids and could use every bit of education their pea-brains can manage to soak up. Some responsible adult needs to step in and explain to these 15 minutes-of-famers that teen models are a dime a dozen and in time looks will fade and the offers will stop coming in. And now they are writing a book together? That’s rich considering these dropout dumbos can barely spell,
    judging from their whining to their parents on the show that they were always failing. No sympathy that their reasoning behind the lousy grades were a result of them missing school from working. Note to Bruce & Kris: stop letting your underage kids take cheesy modeling gigs, have them complete at least a high school education(home schooling doesn’t count), then when they are 18 they can be free to unleash their talentless behinds upon the masses. No, I’m not bitter but scared that if these fools are put out there as a representation of how teenage girls should conduct themselves, we are all doomed.

    • ScarlettBrohansson

      Because of course, teenage girls are super-rational and grounded… Really? Only an idiot rips apart a couple of kids. Blame their parents, it’s obvious that their “Mom-ager” and her lackey are at fault.

    • lol

      I can honestly say all of you are the most f**king idiots I’ve ever heard. You are seriously criticizing teenage girls for dropping out of school because they ALREADY HAVE JOBS? Isn’t that the reason people get an education, so they have skills and experience so that later on in life they can get jobs? Think about it. They are rich, they model, they have their own clothing line, not to mention reality shows. They are already pretty much set for life. If they already are doing jobs they like and HAVE THEM at this age, who are you to stop them. And why would they need to go to school to learn useless crap that you forget in like a week anyway? Most people wait until after school to get jobs since they can more experience and the legal age is older. So if you already have some, then what’s the need to get a ‘real education’ at school. Most people don’t have that opportunity and I know if I did then I would most defiantly be putting work first. I could seriously slap you as well for what you said about homeschooling not counting as a high school education. You are an ignorant fool blinded by the stupidity that only public schools and private schools count as a high school education. And about your last little sentence, what the f**k? Oh no were all doomed that girls have jobs before they get out of high school which is the whole reason people go to school! Oh god the tragedy! *note the sarcasm in those last two sentences, since you’re probably too blinded to notice*

      • smartgirl

        Reality shows vs College degree ? You can’t beat education 😉

  • Honeybear

    No 15 year old should be on a reality tv show. These two girls had no choice to be on this television show and now they want nothing to do with school because they want to be like their older sisters – jetsetting and dropping cash, living a frivolous lifestyle. They had no example set for them. Terrible parenting.

  • erica714

    Worst. Parenting. Ever. I fully agree with most people here that olimpi-dad Bruce needs to put down his golf clubs for a minute & momager Kris needs to miss one of many visits to the plastic surgeon in order to start looking out for the best interests of their spawn. However, as a proud clinical social worker and an ashamed TV viewer that admits to watching this slop over the years, I have noticed that Kylie&Kendall are ungrateful brats who can be unusually cruel to their parents. These two chicken heads have dumped pasta and sauce over their sleeping mothers head, dragged their mother down a flight of stairs with their friends as she protested in pain during a luxury vacation–ultimately braking her

  • tab

    2 more people that can thank kim and ray j for making that
    s e x tape. they all must be so proud to build their “brand” off of their sisters slutty past.

  • Christina

    Its obvious in this family who is running this household. These spoiled brats are too young to be making any kind of decisions. If they don’t get there way, all you have to do is jump out of the car and you will get your way. Why isn’t anybody stopping them. They need to put there priorities in order. They have no values with money, they are disrespectful to there parents. They need to realize education is important. They are dropping out of school, so they can have more time developing there brands and acting careers. What brands? They are going to become undeducated. They think all they have to do is look pretty in front of the cameras or act dumb. What is happening to America? Are we really dumbing down? This is crazy!!!

    • gossip26

      That jumping out of the car was so staged. She wasn’t even dressed for school !!! Spoilt brats.

  • Jenn

    The show has ruined these girls. When it first started it seemed like Bruce made sure that they kept a decently normal life, but Kris has made sure to ruin that. Of course she wants them to be home schooled so that they can “develope their brands”, it brings more money to the bank for her. I think Bruce has just given up on even trying to parent because Kris will do whatever she wants with her children. I am waiting for the day that Bruce leaves her.

    • ScarlettBrohansson

      ^ This.

  • mimi

    im not going to judge these two young girls because they are so clearly a product of a) not the greatest parenting, b) quick rise to fame at a very young age that was completely out of their control, and c) they are still very young.

    these two have been exposed to the crazy antics of the kardashian fame train before they were even in double digits, so it’s harsh to place the blame on them directly when they’ve been subject to uneven parenting (from kris and bruce) and they are surrounded by adults who value money and fame, and subsequently have taught them to value the same. for them to turn out any differently would be near impossible, which is a pity because im sure had they been raised in a “normal” household they would have been nice enough girls.

    at the very least, they are still getting an education through their homeschool program.

  • SM

    Who are we to judge these girls its their life if they mess up its all on them. Everyone should be worrying about themselves and not everyone else.

    • Erin Elizabeth Brower

      Those girls will end up like their idiot sisters !

  • Gabriela Urtado

    Usually,people who like to talk about MORALITY,are the MOST IMMORAL AND DISHOHEST with themselves.

    They are NOT the only ones to leave school because they have something better(business)to do.

    So,What is the F**** problem?It’s kind of stupid to say that they are HO’S,it’s a shame for society,etc.
    Anyway,we can’t expect any better from this society.


    I mean if “kylie” claims she’s so dumb well then study and then you won’t be so dumb. I mean you don’t even study for exams and expect to get good grades. That running out of the car in the episode was so fake and staged. I mean if you study then you won’t be so dumb. I mean ever of a syllabus?

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