Why Camille Grammer deserves all the millions from her divorce

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The numbers are in and it looks like Camille Grammer can expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million in her high profile divorce from Kelsey Grammer.

Sources with TMZ stated that the couple is on the threshold of signing a property settlement agreement. The total will be approximately $60 million with the two splitting things up 50/50. A large portion of this value is wrapped up in 3 homes the couple still own together that are currently on the market.

The sources clarified that Camille is no gold digger. In fact, she more than likely saved Frasier’s financial backside. When the couple married, Kelsey was broke despite his considerable successes with Cheers and Frasier. This was due in part to bad financial decisions and a drug problem.

Camille was the one who got the financial train on track, managing the finances allowing for the massive sum of money the two now have available.