VIDEO Louis CK finds a defender of his SNL monologue, but remains mum on sexual misconduct allegations

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Louis CK ruffled a few feathers with his SNL monologue this past weekend. Which feathers? The ones who don’t care for jokes comparing the Israel-Palestine conflict to his fighting daughter “little b*tches” in their bedroom. As well as the ones who find jokes about how, given the risk involved, child molesters must love child molesting more than anything else in the world. In case you didn’t see it, here’s Louis’ full monologue from this past Saturday evening:




It’s not like Louis has never said potentially offensive things before. But the current controversy is a-brewin’, and fellow comedian James Corden has stepped forward with a response to the response. Corden, the increasingly popular host of The Late Late Show, was asked about the monologue during CBS’ Summer Press Day yesterday. Here’s what he said:


I think [being offended] is a constant, it’s a constant discussion. I mean, I don’t think it’s for me to say. All I could say is that it’s alright to be offended. It’s okay! But it’s okay to be! Ultimately, I think we all withhold the right to offend or be offended. Like somehow being offended has become a thing — like, okay, you’re offended, in the same way that you’re hungry. You know what I mean? You are offended, it doesn’t mean — that’s it!


Louis himself has yet to address the controversy–or to talk about the allegations of sexual misconduct that began to surface in the hours leading up to last Saturday’s hosting gig. Though no victims have identified themselves or made specific accusations, it’s apparently long been an open secret in comedy circles that C.K. likes to take his penis out at inappropriate times (ie: any time he isn’t urinating or having consensual sex). And to masturbate in front of other, female comics.

What do you, the viewers at home, think? Are you offended by Louis’ monologue? Do you wonder why he won’t address the allegations–or are they even serious allegations, given the lack of detail that accompanies them? Is this just Louis being Louis?


(Photo credits: Screencaps via YouTube)

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