VIDEO – Is Kelly Bensimon crazy, unraveling? Why is she scared of Bethenny?

Tonight’s Real Housewives of New York episode was a real whammy!

Kelly Bensimon literally had some kind of breakdown during dinner, and basically didn’t let anyone else get a word in while she babbled on about her Bethenny nightmares, how she thinks Bethenny is trying to kill her, how everyone is “white noise”, Al Sharpton, and jelly beans (just to name a few topics). Also, as we know already, she can’t understand a simple joke. (Bethenny jokingly asked if Sonja was a hooker when she mentioned she’d worked in fancy restaurants. At some point Sonja had to scream to Kelly “Don’t you get it? She doesn’t really think I’m a hooker!”)

Sarah Jessica Parker is on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and is deeply concerned, just as the housewives were in the episode, about Kelly’s mental well-being.

Here’s the whole crazy mess below. You know something’s up when Ramona and Bethenny are present and neither one of them is making a peep.

The first rumblings started at breakfast:

Moving on to dinner:

Kelly’s insanity is truly hard to watch. Her distressed state is further heightened by the overwhelming sanity of the other girls. This season Ramona is coming off as a positive, fun, lovely person. Alex is finally standing up to being disrespected, but is always sweet when treated nicely. Sonja seems like a likable girl with charming hedonistic tendencies (she really enjoys the animal pleasures of sleeping, eating, an active love life). She also really kept it together when Kelly fell apart: listening, comforting, and offering honest reasonable responses when possible. Bethenny has a deadpan, dry wit which is often hilarious, but she’s harmless. No one can tell if Bethenny is talking to the press about Kelly’s children, but as Sonja says, there’s no evidence. And she’s probably not haunting Kelly’s dreams through her own will, unless of course, she really is the Housewife on Elm Street!

Kelly has published brief, cryptic blogs on Bravo since the last two episodes and spoke in length to NY Mag‘s Vulture about her behavior on The Trip, saying that the other women hate her and caused her to have a “breakthrough.”  She also starts to explain the repeated “feelings are so 1979” comment, but never truly illuminates the significant of that particular year. She ends by explaining that she brings “stagnant frenetic energy” to the show, showing that she still has some trouble with words.

Some more observant and “knowledgeable” peanut gallery members have speculated that some (not all!) of Kelly’s erratic behavior could be explained by a meth addiction. Evidence? Crazy behavior, leaving the room often (and returning with jelly beans?), and smelling like cat pee, as Sonja Morgan notes repeatedly when she drunk dives into Kelly’s bedsheets. Cat pee-like scents (a.k.a. ammonia) can be indicative of meth use.