PHOTOS Real Housewives of New York City invade New York Fashion Week

RHoNYC Jill Zarin New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

So what are the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City to do since their premiere was pushed back and replaced with a new batch of Housewives from South Beach? Well they hit the streets of the NYC and made themselves very public during New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 of course!

According to multiple reports you couldn’t turn a corner in the NYC without bumping in to a Ramona Singer or get a quad venti latte without rubbing elbows with a Jill Zarin. These gals were omnipresent and we’ve got the photos to prove it.  I do have to say that regrettable absences from our RHoNY Fashion Week post are Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Cindy Barshop.  I bet they were there we just didn’t get pics of them, those clever big city girls!

Here is Alex McCord flashing an adorable smile while on the prowl for the latest fashions:

RHoNY Alex McCord at New York Fashion Week 2011

There have been some swirling rumors in the Housewives universe that the New York version was delayed because it was in need of some serious retooling.  Ramona Singer, however, was singing a different tune about the situation.  She told E that:

“How could it be boring? Am I boring? I could never be. It really is everyone’s scheduling. Everyone has different schedules and things going on and we are working on it.  Oh my gosh, this is the best season ever, because there’s no evil drama.  People ask will the show be good without Bethenny on it, but I think the show will be better because she made it too dark. She and Jill made it too dark with the fighting.”

I just love Ramona, and no you could NEVER be boring girl.  Here’s Singer looking ready to get her shop on:

RHoNY Ramona Singer New York Fashion Week 2011
^D. Salters/

Not sure what the visual effect was in that photo but I assure you that’s not Ramona’s trunk back there!

As we all know “Money Can’t Buy You Class” but it can land you some Jimmy Choo or Chanel and the Countess LuAnn de Lesepps was on the scene and looking fabulous I might add!

RHoNY Countess LuAnn de Lesseps at New York Fashion Week 2011
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Pink was the theme for Sonja Morgan’s dress for success.  Here’s Pink Sonja who had her classical demure look in full form:

RHoNY Sonja Morgan New York Fashion Week 2011

And while the ladies were hitting the tents and shows Jill Zarin took it to the next level by actually taking her turn on the catwalk!  Meow meow Jill as she did her strut for designer Zang Toi.

RHoNY Jill Zarin at New York Fashion Week 2011
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We’ll all have to wait for RHoNYC but I’ve got a feeling that the seriously sexy girls from down Miami way will more than tide us over until we get back to the Big Apple.  And how about one more shout out to Jill on the catwalk.  She was glowing!

Top Photo: WENN