VIDEO – Evelyn Lozada admits to affair with Tami Roman’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson while they were married?

VH1’s Basketballs Wives definitely ended with a bombshell last week.

Evelyn Lozada has since threatened to quit the show after footage of her admitting to “unknownigly” having a six-month affair with Tami Roman’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson while they were still married aired.

Evelyn complained that the producers of the show egged the other girls on about this piece of juicy information, but it was ultimately Evelyn who talked about it, and brought it up to Tami at Jennifer’s birthday party.

After Tami opened up to the ladies about how much they meant to her because she came to Miami alone, and had brightened up her life, Evelyn felt guilty about her past with Tami’s ex-husband. Evelyn told Shaunie and the other girls about when Tami was not at the table, and Shaunie urged Evelyn to go talk to Tami. Evelyn was suspicious that one of the other girls already told Tami about the past indiscretion.

The women got into a pretty intense fight that involved Evelyn telling Tami “You are a non-mother-f**king-factor, bitch,” and ended with Tami slapping Evelyn in the face.

Evelyn and Tami discuss:

Full episode below:


Tami later tweeted her response to the situation:

My thing is, I don’t care that @EvelynLozada slept w/ Kenny-WHO DIDN’T. I was more concerned about the friendship I thought we were developing.

Everybody knew that shit but me.

Evelyn Lozada was involved in a nude photo scandal, and most recently started dating Chad Ochocinco via Twitter and Skype while he was supposed to be finding a lady on a VH1 dating show called Ultimate Catch.

The sure-to-be explosive reunion show airs tonight @ 10 p.m. EST on VH1.

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