UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins updates: car crash, working as a bartender

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins updates: car accident and new job as a bartender

Former Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins has been absent from social media for some time, but she returned on Thursday to share some rather surprising updates with her followers — including a recent car accident and a new job!

The update came in the form of an Instagram gallery and caption. “Life lately…” McKayla began the caption. That was followed by this bullet point list:
– deleted tik tok
– took a break from social media
– went to bartending school

– had a near death experience

– became a bartender & work at a dope bar

– got extensions
– enjoying life

As you would expect, McKayla’s comment about having a “near death experience” inspired a lot of concerned comments. McKayla clarified with a brief video posted in her Instagram stories that shows a black Honda badly damaged on the front after an apparent accident. Here’s a screen cap of the clip:
Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins car accident

UPDATE – McKayla later did an Instagram live in which she revealed that the accident was a couple weeks ago and she was the only person in her vehicle at the time. She also revealed that she got a second job as a bartender that starts on Monday, November 7.

The next biggest surprise among McKayla’s updates was her revealing that she “went to bartending school” then “became a bartender & work at a dope bar!” As McKayla’s followers are well aware, she has been very active with her OnlyFans account, and she genuinely seemed to be doing very well with it.

McKayla has made numerous comments in the past about making great money on OnlyFans, and she’s even asked why she would want to get a “real job” like everyone seemed to keep pressuring her to do. It’s unclear why she felt motivated to become a bartender, and it’s also unclear if McKayla will continue to make OnlyFans content. The two occupations are certainly not mutually exclusive!

Though it’s not nearly as newsworthy as the items above, McKayla stating that she is “enjoying life” is great to hear! The 22-year-old YouTuber and former reality star has struggled with the ability to enjoy life over the years, so hopefully she has found a life balance that is working for her.

I planned to embed McKayla’s full gallery post, but her Instagram account is set to private and does not allow embedding. You will have to click the link above and give her a follow!

McKayla Adkins recent updates

In case you missed it, McKayla Adkins had a whirlwind of updates last year. In April of 2021, she announced that she was engaged to boyfriend Ethan Tenney. Less than two weeks later, McKayla revealed that she was pregnant with her first child with Ethan (third overall) and the couple planned to get married in two weeks time!

McKayla and Ethan followed through on their shotgun wedding plans and got married on May 22, 2021 in a small ceremony held in a vacant lot next to McKayla’s grandparents’ house in Salem, Ohio.

Unfortunately, McKayla later lost the baby due to miscarriage. However, she shared news of another pregnancy and a rainbow baby in October of 2021. McKayla gave birth to a baby boy on April 28, 2022. Unlike her previous children, we know very little about the new addition. (McKayla stopped posting photos of her kids on social media prior to his birth.)

Just a couple months after giving birth, McKayla had her tubes tied. “This is genuinely the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself,” McKayla said in a social media Q&A with her followers. “After having 3 kids all before the age of 22 I’m ready to pour my all into the 3 I have without worrying about having another baby. I can’t wait to one day experience a life with my husband when all the kids move out, the freedom and peace I feel is so fulfilling.”

Congratulations again to McKayla! As always, we wish her and her family the best — and we hope to keep sharing positive updates!

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