UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins gives birth to baby boy

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins gives birth to baby boy April 28 2022

Congratulations to OG Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins as she just gave birth to a baby boy! This is McKayla’s third child and first with her husband, Ethan Tenney.

The birth announcement came via McKayla earlier today on TikTok. “We have a baby ❤️ 6:15am,” McKayla captioned a short clip of Ethan holding their newborn. (Clip included below.)

McKayla didn’t reveal any additional information about her son. The former reality star has been very adamant about keeping her children off of social media since she left Unexpected, but I think fans expected at least a name.

“Congrats!!” one commenter wrote. “Are you gonna share his name?”
“Thank you!” McKayla replied. “& no :/”

McKayla was asked if she and Ethan had a name picked out during a lengthy Q&A in October. “We do,” McKayla said, adding a smiling emoji. “I’m letting Ethan name this baby bc I’m horrible with boy names and it’s his first and last baby 😂” When pressed for more info, McKayla later revealed that Ethan “only likes one name as of rn, so I don’t wanna give it away.”

Getting back to the present, here’s the original TikTok birth announcement video from McKayla featuring proud pop Ethan:


We have a baby ❤️ 6:15am

♬ original sound – Birdie

McKayla hasn’t shared much information about the baby, but she did share a lot of information about everything leading up to his birth! The 21-year-old mother of three posted several videos over the past 24 hours talking about the steps she was taking in hopes of inducing labor. One of those steps was to drink midwives brew.

Midwives brew is a drink comprised of natural ingredients that is believed by many to help induce labor. What are the ingredients of midwives brew? “There are different recipes for midwives brew,” Healthline.com explains, “but most include some combination of: castor oil, lemon verbena oil, almond butter and apricot juice.”

McKayla revealed that her midwives brew recipe was 300ml of apricot juice, 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 250ml of lemon verbena tea, and 2 tablespoons of almond butter.

“Would you say the midwives brew helped?” a TikTok commenter asked McKayla after the birth.
“Yes!” McKayla replied. “I also had a membrane sweep, curb walked, did the dirty, bounced on a birthing ball & did the ‘activating labor’ workout the same day.”

After receiving lots more questions about the midwives brew and her labor story, McKayla posted a quick story time video with details about the hours leading up to the birth of her son.

Here is a transcript of what McKayla said:
“I drank the midwives brew, and I drank it within 30 minutes. I finished my drink at 9:14PM yesterday. I also didn’t eat since two o’clock that day.
“So I drank it on an empty stomach, and afterwards I didn’t eat anything for two hours. I ate something at 11:30 because the midwives brew makes you really, really tired from the tea you put in it.

“So, I ate some cereal at 11:30, and took a shower, got relaxed, and went to bed because I was, like, ‘This isn’t going to work. I’m not going to go into labor.’

“So I just went ahead and went to sleep and I was, like, ‘If it happens it happens.’

“Then, at 12:30, I was woke up from consistent contractions that were so painful I couldn’t walk or talk through them. And I was getting really scared because we live quite a ways from the hospital and I heard that midwives brew makes you, like, go into labor like that [snaps fingers].
“So I was super scared that we weren’t going to make it to the hospital. We got the kids up out of bed [and] to the babysitter’s. Then we rushed to the hospital.

“Whenever we got here, I think it was 1AM, I was one centimeter dilated — one and a half centimeters dilated — seventy percent effaced. Two hours later I was five centimeters dilated.

“Labor just progressed from there. I got the epidural at six centimeters, but it wasn’t working because I was progressing so fast that the epidural couldn’t keep up with my contractions. So that really sucked. It was very, very painful.

“But yeah, I did go into labor by myself after drinking the midwives brew. They didn’t give me anything to help progress labor. I did it all on my own, which was super exciting.
“I was in labor for six hours. I went into labor about three-and-a-half hours after drinking the midwives brew, and it definitely worked. I will say that.”
* * * * *

CONGRATULATIONS to McKayla and Ethan! The good news about the birth is even better given that McKayla was previously pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. We hope to have more information about their baby boy soon, and we’ll be sure to update when that happens. Stay tuned!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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