UNEXPECTED McKayla Adkins has her tubes removed: ‘Best thing I could’ve ever done for myself’

TLC Unexpected McKayla Adkins has her tubes removed, talks about being sterilized

Unexpected mom McKayla Adkins welcomed her third child in late April, and that was enough children for the now-22-year-old former reality star. McKayla previously revealed that she planned to have a procedure preventing her from getting pregnant again, and she followed through by having her Fallopian tubes removed earlier this week.

McKayla has been very open about sharing personal details on social media, and this latest surgical procedure was no exception. “Woke up at 4:30am.. had to be at the hospital by 6am,” McKayla wrote in a TikTok post on the morning of July 7. “Let’s get sterilized!”

McKayla shared a photo in her Instagram stories a few hours later showing her riding in a car and giving a thumb up. “✨Sterilized✨,” she wrote over top of the image. “Anesthesia has me exhausted.”

Once she got home, McKayla shared several more updates on TikTok, and also answered lots of questions in the comments. In her first update clip, McKayla showed her surgical scars, which were the result of three small incisions. (That clip is a little to graphic to include here.)

“I think the most frustrating thing about the surgery so far is the fact that I can’t pee,” McKayla revealed, adding that the difficulty was due to the anesthesia. “I really have to focus, like, I’m just learning how to pee.” McKayla also said that her stomach was a bit sore, as was her throat.

Piecing together information shared by McKayla in the comments, she had her surgery in the morning. She was only at the hospital for a couple hours after the surgery before being released and returning home. She got home around 11AM and fell asleep around noon. She then slept for roughly six hours.

The day after her surgery, McKayla shared additional updates revealing that her stomach was more sore and bruised. She stated in the comments that it will take approximately two weeks to recover.

McKayla Adkins answers questions about having tubes removed

McKayla responded to a lot of questions and comments posted on her TikTok clips. I’ve compiled some of them for you below.

COMMENT: Why did you get your tubes removed vs tied.
MCKAYLA: I didn’t want any chances of becoming pregnant, you hear stories of women getting pregnant after getting tubes tied and I just don’t want that risk.

COMMENT: So could you guys do ivf? (if you ever wanted too of course) and if so did that make you more comfortable with the decision?
MCKAYLA: Tbh I’m not educated on IVF at all but I still have a uterus so I think I could. I was comfy with my decision bc I have 3 kids at 22.. I’m just ready to enjoy my life with the people in it now 🤍

COMMENT: I have a question will you still get your monthly cycle if you get your tubes removed? I wanna look into this…
MCKAYLA: Yes the only way you can no longer get a period is thru a hysterectomy. Getting one of those could also put you into early menopause tho. A hysterectomy is the full removal of the uterus.

COMMENT: Crazy to me that you don’t need to stay for recovery time 😳
MCKAYLA: Yeah I think I was in recovery for 1-2 hours.

COMMENT: I have my consultation this week. I’m so scared, but I have 3 children, married and I know I don’t want any more. But I’m so scared it’ll hurt 😅
MCKAYLA: This is genuinely the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself. After having 3 kids all before the age of 22 I’m ready to pour my all into the 3 I have without worrying about having another baby. I can’t wait to one day experience a life with my husband when all the kids move out, the freedom and peace I feel is so fulfilling.

@annoyingtattoedmilf Sorry about the rocking… anywaysss im just gonna take it easy today, try to do more than yesterday but not push it too much #tuberemoval ♬ original sound – Ivy

COMMENT: Did your insurance cover this?
MCKAYLA: Yes! (:

COMMENT: Worst decision I ever made🥺 multiple periods in 1 month, sex hurts, you feel like your inside are gonna fall out when your on your period😳😳🥺
MCKAYLA: I’d rather feel like this then accidentally get pregnant, have an ectopic pregnancy then die bc I can’t get an abortion.

COMMENT: How come they didn’t do it when they did your c-section?
MCKAYLA: I didn’t have a c-section so I had to wait 6 weeks after delivery to get it done.

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