Top quotes from Sister Wives ‘Free Range Browns’

Sister Wives S2 E2 Free Range Browns

The second episode “Free Range Browns” of season 2 of Sister Wives was a good one.  The family decided to take what Kody called a working vacation and head up to his dad Winn’s ranch in Wyoming.  We already covered the big bombshell from this episode which is the fact that wife #2 Janelle’s mom married Kody’s dad after she opened up to the polygamist lifestyle.  This was in addition to the fact that Janelle had divorced wife #1 Meri’s brother.  This confused an already complicated family tree creating realities like:

♦Kody’s dad is also his father-in-law
♦Janelle is Kody’s former sister-in-law
♦Janelle is currently Kody’s step-sister and wife
♦Kody and Janelle’s children are also nieces and nephews

My head hurts with all that but there was also some entertaining and less brain twisting action like ropin’ up some cattle, rock climbing and old house painting.  I guess Kody B wasn’t kidding when he said it was going to be a “working” vacation.  It sounds like the exact type of thing my dad would have loved to do even with only one wife.

Lets move on to my weekly round-up from this week’s episode of polygamy theater.  Here are my hand picked favorite quotes from Sister Wives season 2 episode 2 “Free Range Browns.”

Sister Wives Season 2 Episode 2 "Free Range Browns"

Kody: Most of this ranch has been in my dad’s family for five generations.  It’s nice to get back there, kind of reconnect, see the family.  It’s a place I can go with all my family, all my wives and no discrimination.  It’s total acceptance.

Meri: We’ve got eighteen of us, (pauses) nineteen of us, (pauses again) eighteen of us going today.  Kody and Janelle and Hunter will be coming up tomorrow.

Christine: We have really tried to shelter our kids from any pressure from the media or the investigation.

Kody: I’m actually going to have an hour at this house to myself. An hour.  I was going to go back to work but I’m not going to now man.

Robyn: Everybody put your hands in a “Y” for Wyoming!

Kody: While I was serving a mission for the Mormon church my parents adopted a polygamist faith.  My mother developed a belief in the polygamist lifestyle long before she ever entered into it.  It was her belief that she taught me that actually opened my mind to it.  I think my mom was a total force behind my dad coming into the polygamist lifestyle.

Uncle Tim

Sheryl (Janelle’s mom): We were really happy to have Robyn come into the family.  There is a certain shaking up that happens.  Everyone is insecure at a time but yet after the dust settles it just adds assets to the family.

Genielle (Kody’s mom): We call it kind of like a wheel.  There are certain spokes in the wheel.  Each wife is a spoke in the wheel.  Well when another wife comes in everyone of those spokes has to move.  And the more spokes in the wheel the stronger the wheel is.

Janelle: She (Janelle’s mom) made the conversion to the faith and then she actually married Kody’s dad.

Genielle: I was jealous.  She (Sheryl) was beautiful.  She was educated.  She was just vibrant and I took care of kids and she took care of Winn.

Kody: It’s very important that the horse be taught that it can’t get away with being naughty.

Garrison: Cows are annoying

Madison: If they’re gonna do something stupid they’re gonna learn from it.  Like Mykelti here.