Teen Mom video: How much money did Jenelle fraudulently charge on her mom Barbara’s credit cards?

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle runs up mom's credit card bill

Last week’s Teen Mom 2 episode saw Jenelle and her bummy boyfriend Kieffer Delp take a road trip to Jersey on her mom Barbara’s dime. While relaxing over a dinner of sushi and hibachi grill, Barbara called demanding to know what happened to her credit card. The nerve!

Jenelle has a point that Barbara is a screamer, but what do you expect when you steal your mom’s credit card to take your unemployed boyfriend on vacation while she watches your two-year-old child (that she has custody of because you’re irresponsible and get arrested on drug charges?) BTW, if you’re only slightly on Babs’s side, you should check out this hilarious Facebook fanpage written entirely in Bahbara’s dialect!

Now we get to see the reckoning of Jenelle’s credit card heist. Barbara brings out the credit card bill, and claims that Jenelle ran up $700 during her two-day trip. Jenelle argued that it was just to pay for food and gas, but Barbara points out that there are multiple cash advances. Jenelle then countered that those only totaled $400. Barbara balks at the fact that she’s barely pulling in over minimum wage to support Jenelle’s son, which makes it even more disrespectful for Jenelle to run up huge credit card bills (not to mention the interest rate on cash advances.) Or, as Bahbara puts it “While you and Kieffer are having a la-di-da time, I’m bustin’ my balls tryin’ to god***n survive!”

She demands that Jenelle pay up the full amount in cash, or they’re going to court (small claims court, I guess.)

The domestic drama never ceases!


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