PHOTO Katy Perry looking downright confectionary in Manchester

Katy Perry in Manchester England

Even when Katy Perry isn’t adorned in lollipops and whipped-cream-spurting brassieres she still looks like a perfect little dessert! Seeing the above photo of the sugary pop princess out and about in Manchester, England earlier today made me realize there are completely appropriate times in which you can refer to a woman as “cupcake.”

I bet Russell Brand spends a lot of time at the dentist because kissing something that looks as sweet as Katy Perry just has to cause cavities!

You know, blogging wouldn’t be half as fun without all the joyous fashionistas that currently grace the pop culture landscape! Thank you Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and all the rest of the ladies out there that can entertain us just by walking down the street! (In a good way. Sorry, Courtney Love)

Photo: Pete Goddard / Splash News