The Kylie Jenner baby bump photos are Photoshopped, says Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner baby bump photos

A slew of first-ever Kylie Jenner baby bump photos have begun making the rounds. As you might expect, they are also rather unflattering, depicting the 20-year-old Jenner–who has yet to officially confirm her pregnancy–as a great deal heavier than she appears on her social media feeds, which she updates often.

For both of these reasons, Kylie herself has lashed out at the pics, claiming that they’re all Photoshopped–and bringing the heat with specifics.

In the interests of full disclosure, then, here are the alleged Kylie Jenner baby bump photos, which were first published by the Daily Mail earlier today:

Do those look passable to you, the intended audience? Do they look laughably fake? Totally competent and real? Does it even matter, since Kylie can’t stay hidden forever and is bound to debut her pregnancy in the most high-profile fashion possible before much longer, possibly in a glamorous Kardashian Christmas card shot?

In any event, here is Kylie’s official response–which, it’s worth noting, actually contains *more* of the offending images than the Daily Mail tweet above. Props to Kylie for citing plenty of evidence in support of her argument, something she is generally loath to do:

Given her line of work, Kylie actually is something of a Photoshop expert. But it’s a little disappointing that Kylie didn’t take her criticism a step or two further. The pics are so grainy that it would’ve been possible to argue they’re of someone else entirely; if you stare at them long enough, she looks like basically any college sophomore annoyed at a flight delay after a long layover on her way back to school.

Instead, her response more or less confirms that the subject of the Kylie Jenner baby bump photos is, in fact, Kylie Jenner–after which point it doesn’t matter whether they’re Photoshopped heavily or just a little bit.

Also worth remembering: Kylie Jenner is worth about a half-billion dollars and totally does not care about if a tabloid publishes unflattering photos of her.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner baby bump photos via Instagram)

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