THE DUGGARS Proof there are Duggar babies we don’t know about PHOTOS

19 Kids and Counting star Jinger Vuolo posted a video of a recent trip to back to her home state of Arkansas, and many fans have noticed Jim Bob and Michelle have grandchildren the media hasn’t accounted for.

Read more to see which Duggar is pregnant and who has children that you may not have heard of yet…

19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting is a TLC reality show that garnered its attention for featuring the supersized Duggar family. The series showcased Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children from 2008-2015.

During that time the conservative-crew saw a lot of expansion. Most of the Duggars believe in the Quiverfull movement – forgoing birth control and leaving the number of children they are blessed with up to God.

Josh, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, Joseph, John-David and Josiah all had babies while the 19 Kids and/or Counting On cameras were rolling. Since then, many other siblings have expanded their families, as well.

Secret Duggar grandchildren

Recently Jinger Vuolo returned to her home state of Arkansas for what appeared to be a large family reunion. All of the sisters reunited and spent time with mom Michelle, and it appears most of the Duggars were in attendance for some larger gatherings also.

Since official TLC cameras have stopped documenting the Duggars, there have been many rumors that some of Jim Bob’s children have procreated outside of the spotlight. Now that we have to defer to social media for our fundie-family updates, it looks like there have been some “secret” births the media isn’t privy to.

Why fans think Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell have secret children

One of these instances in particular is Kendra and Joseph, who last posted on Instagram in November 2021. While no official reason was given, several family members have shied away from the public eye since the Josh Duggar scandal exploded.

Kendra and Joe have 3 children they’ve been vocal about (Garrett, Addison and Brooklyn) but fans think this shot in Jinger’s video proves they’ve had another son. Kendra is seen holding a baby boy.

Is there a pregnant Duggar?

The next bombshell from the video is that a Duggar girl appears to be pregnant, with no official announcement to the media. Below you can see a photo of Josiah’s wife Lauren, which appears to reveal a baby bump.

Josiah and Lauren wiped their Instagram’s clean and went on private back in 2021, so any news of their babies have been pure speculation. For example, fans are convinced they had baby number 2 named Daisy, but even that has not been officially confirmed.

Josiah and Lauren are following the alphabet naming system, first miscarrying with baby Asa, and then giving birth to a baby named Bella. Since Daisy begins with D, there is an implication that they miscarried another child with a “C” name and that baby number 3 is likely to start with “E.”

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