THE DUGGARS See Lauren, Josiah Duggar’s (alleged) registry for baby #3

19 Kids and Counting stars Lauren and Josiah Duggar have been secretive since leaving social media after brother Josh Duggar’s imprisonment.

In the time they’ve been ‘in hiding,’ fans are convinced the couple has not one but TWO secret children… and there’s an Amazon baby registry to confirm it all.

Lauren and Josiah Duggar

The pair started their courtship in 2018 and were married shortly after. Lauren and Josiah’s courtship was a mere 4 months long.

Their wedding was featured on their reality show 19 Kids and Counting. Their ceremony was simple and beautiful and they wasted no time building their family.

After suffering a tragic miscarriage, their daughter Bella Milagro was born on November 8, 2019.

Duggar Children

We know of baby Bella for sure, but fans are convinced Lauren and Josiah Duggar have more children than just her… and one of them is potentially on the way.

Fans have spotted a pile of presents in a video by James Duggar that shows the names “Josiah, Lauren, Bella and Daisy.” This seems to confirm the arrival of baby number 2, and her gender.

Lauren and Josiah baby number 3

What makes people so sure that they aren’t just hiding one new baby but TWO? This time, we’ve got a baby registry.

An Amazon registry under the name Lauren Duggar lists many items a couple would need to welcome a baby BOY. Yes, that’s right, if we’re correct, Josiah Duggar is getting a son!

Most of the time these celebrity registries are fake, but the address for the registry items leads back to Josiah and Lauren’s actual home in Rogers, Arkansas.

It also looks like several gifts have already been purchased, leading us to believe she’s already had her baby shower. (Is this why the couple is planning to move soon?)

The registry states Lauren has 6 weeks to go before giving birth to a boy due 5/3/23. As of today, 27/74 items have been purchased, so if you want to bless the Duggar family with a gift, you still have some time to do so.

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