Josh Duggar’s appeal shifts blame to Jana’s rumored ex Caleb Williams

Josh Duggar is challenging his 12.5 year child p0rnography charges.

Duggar’s attorneys began making their appeal Thursday, and their strategy seems to shift all the blame on to Caleb Williams, Josh’s associate and Jana’s rumored ex.

Josh Duggar’s sentence

Josh Duggar was accused of downloading graphic images and video of children under the age of 12, including one as young as an infant.

Duggar is serving his term at the Seagoville low-security prison in Dallas County, which he began in December 2021.

The computer that held the illicit material was stationed at Duggar’s auto lot in Springdale, Arkansas. The business also employed associate Caleb Williams.

Who is Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams worked at the auto dealership owned by Josh Duggar. The two were friends up until Duggar’s investigation began.

Caleb Williams was also once linked to Jana Duggar. The rumored courtship caused such a drama that Williams had to take to Facebook in a now-deleted post:

There has been speculation regarding a relationship between myself and Jana. Now to clear the fog and avoid any confusion, ‘Read my lips…I am not dating Jana Duggar.’ The extent of our relationship is purely friends and nothing more.

Williams has gotten into his own trouble, spending 62 days in jail and 18 months probation due to his conceiving a child with a minor.

Duggar blames Williams

Because of William’s unsavory record, Josh Duggar sees him as an easy scapegoat. Even though Williams was allegedly out of state when the images and videos were downloaded, Duggar still thinks he can pin the crime on Caleb.

According to Insider:

Duggar’s attorney said prosecutors had “failed to prove Mr. Duggar guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by failing to rule out Mr. Williams as an alternative perpetrator.” He said the court should have admitted evidence that Williams had access to the computer where the child sexual abuse material was downloaded.

Josh has also made statements that Williams was especially ‘tech savvy,’ meaning he could maneuver around the ‘accountability software’ that sent computer searches to his wife, Anna Duggar.

Duggar’s current appeals court consists of three judges, though a timeline has not been set as to when it will be decided whether or not his sentence is overturned.

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