VIDEO Neil Diamond’s Drunken Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech

Neil Diamond at the 26th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Starcasm’s gotta have a lot of loyal Neil Diamond fans around here, right? Well, ol’ Neil was “On the Way to the Sky” in more ways than one when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Tom Waits and Alice Cooper. Seems he got himself a little sloshed before taking the stage after Paul Simon’s induction speech – and it showed in a magnificently passive aggressive, often times insulting to the crowd speech.

You gotta see this to believe it, but it’s Not SFW what with a good dose of vulgarity:

Hey, Tom Waits only acts drunk, Neil!

Drunk Neil Diamond gives Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech

What was he drinking? With Neil, you can take your pick: Maybe some “Cracklin’ Rosie” or some “Red, Red Wine”, or, if you’re feeling really sophisticated, some of that Tennessee Moonshine!

I’m sure Paul Simon could tell us, as he got a big breath of it after greeting Neil on stage.
Paul Simon inducts Neil Diamond into the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Why was Neil taking pictures? I guess so he’d be able to remember what happened when he was blacked out!
Neil Diamond takes pictures for Twitter at 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

One funny moment is where he makes fun of Paul Simon’s new album, then awkwardly tries to reassert himself by gushing with praise about it. Hey, Neil, this is an induction speech, not a commercial!

This was not the first drunken Rock Hall of Fame Fail, nor is it by far the worst. That honor goes to the one and only Mike Love during his speech receiving Rock Hall honors for the Beach Boys:

Photo of Neil at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame press room by A. Miller/